[Photo] My Arts of A Wedding

Theme : The Most Beautiful Bride!
Location : Kajang, Selangor
Camera :  Canon EOS550D
Photographer :  SizzlingSuzai

looks like today is a photography day for this blog. hehe..so, here again i'm sharing my arts for your sight. these were taken at my long-lost-contacted hostel-mates, Miss Dalila who is the beautiful bride in the photos. seriously, she was extremely gorgeous, right?! even we were all stunned when she walked out to meet the crowd! =)

personally, i LOVE the photos here so much and i was easily satisfy with the results whenever i clicked on my Canon EOS550D. honestly, it is really easy to get a beautiful photo as the bride is soooooo lovely on that day! ^^

thus, a huge congratulation to my friend, Izzie & Deli. i wish you guys had a blessing marriage and hopefully, you will give birth to a beautiful baby soon. hehe. insyAllah..as soon as possible lar kan! XD

then, c ya on the 2nd part of this wedding that featured my other beautiful friends and me! you are most welcome to CLICK HERE ^^


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  1. cantiknya !!
    berseri seri si pengantin~~

  2. What a beautiful Malaysian Bride! Great wedding dress

  3. thanks a lot guys for loving these...yup, she was absolutely a stunning bride even we were stunned by her! =D


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