yo, BIG BANG IS BACK!! omo..this group didn't need any introduction as they are one of the senior in this crazeeyy K-POP industry. now, the greatest news is they are back with the new album entitled "BLUE". haha..nohing to do with the CN BLUE ma...  X)

personally, i must admit that i LOVE "TONIGHT" more than this song but still, this is one of the best song in K-POP lor. the song is a R&B type of genre and its sounds very cool when you listen while watching its OFFICIAL MV here.


Oh, TOP and GD, why you guys are so cool huh?! how did you manage to look so stylo while running around like that?! hahaha..seriously, this two guys are damn hot in every BigBang's MV! i repeat in all of their MVs, please don't make me making any choice coz i can't!  XP

[image is credited to the owner]

omo omo omo..they are seriously CUTE and HOT!! yup, they are the coolest rappers especially in the world of K-POP. sorry, Super Junior's Eunhyuk, i just can't deny the fact that i have to pick you as the 3rd one after these 2 hotties here. ("^.^)

arasso arasso, i stop my K-POP addiction here. c ya on the next post!


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