[REVIEW]KL Bundle Fest 2012

Ohh....its very the-vintage right?! i meant everything from the old bungalow that had chose to be the venue, the simple decors done by the Vespa plus the thrift items sold in there. any thrifters or vintage lovers must had been sweating looking at my photos here. hehe..especially the one who didn't make their way to this event on the last Saturday lor..

i've been there sharp at 5p.m whereas the event was already started at 11a.m. haha..actually i was on my way to other places but Thank God as i was still able to make a 25 minutes stop at this cool fest. it was already packed with skinny pants men and very little women! hehe..quite insecure for the lonely me...

now, you should envy me when i say that i've spent ONLY RM40 for a blazer, a dress and a maxi skirt! yeahooo..atlast i found a maxi skirt which is not soo feminine but its really me! hehe..you know that how much i hate wearing a skirt when go outing with my babes. so, this RM20 brand new garment is extremely worth of purchased. hehe..i can't wait to wear it! ^^

anyhow, everything seems sooo 70s! so, i just can't stand to take shot at every little thing including the snazzy people there. yup, i will share a "What-When-Wear?" entry at this event as i did promised you on the previous post. thus, wait for the next entry yarr...

then, thanks for viewing, reading and commenting! ^^

*** photos are captured and edited by SizzlingSuzai ***


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  1. jealousnya! kenapa mesti buat masa I kat JB :(

  2. haiyooo...mesti u mmg frustrated gler kn. i plak xd la enjoy sgt coz skjap je lepak sne huhu krn i alone je. scary wooo tp degil nk gak g. xp next time ade KT PLAN G SESAME k dear ^^

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  4. SUZAI!


    Can you please tell me to go to to this place? Puhlezzzzz!!!

  5. syiqin-->HAHAHHA...seriously mmg scary gler n everyone were looking sooo strange at the lonely me! warghh..i pon cpt2 je snap2 pic, sebat sehelai 2 bju then CABOT BLIK! warghh warghh takut tauw...haha tp degil nk g gak! XD

  6. azham-->aloololoooo lahhh azham mse i last minute decide nk g MMG TERINGAT U JER!!! serius!! tp mmg last mnt gler dlm kol11 pg tu br cam tekad nk g so, i rse u cam xble je.tu y i xjd nk text u. sorry dear.ok i promise nex time whatever it is i'll ajak u k =( da lar i pon sorg je..haha


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