February in Love!

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well, this entry should be place before the February in Love Part 1 and Part 2 and be rename as Part 0! hehe..i know it doesn't matter for you but sometimes, i realized that i can be such paranoid of tiny little things. example?? the matching of my tomorrow outfit should be decided the night before or else, i'll be clumsy on the morning and end up looking horribly ugly! Euwww..sorry i just couldn't think of other besides that idea. haha.....honestly because i just decided my outfit for the real outing for tomorrow morning. huhu ^^

so, back with the title! can i just copy-paste my sentence in the previous post? hehe...the sentence that said, i notice that the mood is getting slower as the month is reaching February. now, i'll discuss more about it.

as a matter of fact, half part of the world is celebrating the V-day and everything around you is full with the redish and pinkish decorations. its not just about the hue, even the shape is also being influenced by the heart-shaped! hmmm...i must admit that i LOVE to be in this lovely circumstance as its soo romantic! but hey, i don't celebrate the V-day yarrr...huhu

what i'm trying to say is i will feel the LOVE is in the air whenever the month is switching into February. so, people take advantage of it and show your LOVE towards your loved one. hmmm...lets try to do this!

Simple examples:

1. care for your mom more like calling her more often than usual or cook for her! ("^.^)
2. hug your dad! (hehe..imma a daughter who hug and kiss my dad!) 
3. buy your siblings a dinner?! (haha..bcoz usually my sister who paid everything for me!)
4. hmm....hubby/wife/bf/gf?! i'm really not good with this thingy. well, saying that you LOVE him/her with all your heart?! haha..see see. i've said I AM BAD!  =D

whatever it is. whatever you are plan to do. do it sincerely and express your love to them now because once they gone, they gone forever...and we will regret it for the whole of our life.

END with I LOVE MY READERS sooooooooooooooooooooo much! muahhhh3x! ^^


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