LOOK #44 - On A Lazy Day

hi fashionista, i'll try my best to post as many fashion entry as i could as long as i have somebody to click the camera for me, it will be no prob at all! haha..nah, i don't think i need to describe any of the items here in details as it was all repeated. haha..except the golden pashmina that was just bought at the Jalan TAR.  X)

at first, i don't intend to post this sooooo simple look as i expect that nobody is interested in it lor. well, this is my interpretation of a lazy day. yup, this is my look when i'm not in the mode of playing style, managing the mix 'n match or searching the wardrobe for a new look. sorry girls, just bear with the lazy me!

oh, continuing the rambling on this 'lazy' look. it is the fact that jeans is everybody's bestfriend. hence, i cannot live without it and i always wear it despite the a.m or p.m. haha..coz its extremely easy to look good in it. you just need to grab any top and nice shoes plus a signature bag, ta-da..you're done! ^^

then, bye-bye. i've got bunch of photos in this lappy. sampai i dah dengar die menjerit-jerit, sile edit gamba2 kamu, perot saya dah berat la! harrghhhhh...HAPE YANG HAKUH MEREPEK NI?! hahaha

OK enough! tq and ADIOS. =D


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  1. macam ku kenal saja tempat ni, tapi di mana ya...haha. *cakap mcm baku la plaks!
    nway, cantik beg. ^^

  2. hahah encik zamri awk mmg knal temp ni..haha OU saja! sje2 nk post kat bwh nun harr..hahaha..neway tq! ^^


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