Gambar ADAM AF bersama kekasih barunya.

By Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kuala Lumpur, Baru-baru ini Adam AF dilihat bersama seorang wanita di majlis perkahwinan Rita, anak kepada jutawan kosmetik, Sosilawati. Mereka dilihat hadir bersama ke majlis itu dan berpakaian sedondon mengikut tema. Adakah benar wanita ini kekasih baru yang dikaitkan bersama Adam?? Kita tunggu dan lihat respon yang diberikan oleh Adam sendiri dalam post yang berikutnya.


haiyooo..obviously the lady in that picture is me. hehe..abg Adam don't be mad harr..! hahaha..i just wanted to get the feeling of having a scandal with a famous people. is it sweet to be the highlight on the media? is it fun to be the talk of the town? and is it proud enough whenever you are dating, people are staring and capturing each scene? huh!

huhu..i could never do that and hahahha..i know i won't. well, celebrity having a crush on you?? what you're thinking?! Suzai, do not daydreaming lor. haha..actually i just wanna try put myself into the celebrity's shoes especially in the Hollywood scene where all the PAPARAZZI are extremely psycho and mad. Oh, please i choose to live in peace rather than playing hide-and-seek with the paps!

anyhow, this TOTALLY SHAKY+BLUR PHOTO was taken by my sister looong time ago at the wedding stated in the article. oh, along i hate your Parkinson hand!!! huh, die punyer pic i tangkap seket punye sharp, then i punyer pic blur macam ni, cehhh!! hahahha..Abg Adam cakap, nape i tak kisah pong! HAHAHAHAHAA  XD

Oh actually the real reason is i would like to announce boastfully that Abg Adam had given me his NEW CD ADAM 4 for free and please know that he only gave that to me!!! Warghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...i tak kesah i nak bangga jugerrr. HAHAHA...suke! suke! suke! tq sooo much and i LOVE Adam! hehe

thus, i would like to share with you the ALBUM REVIEW OF ADAM 4. a very detailed one especially the photos separating on the whole cover, HOT! HOT! HOT!  :)


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  1. wah3x, secocok...! nnt jgn lupa hantar kad wangi, ek.. :D

  2. hahahha..ok encik i'll send d 1st card directly to ur mailbox. haha

  3. kussss semangat! panik kejap 5 saat tau! ingat bebetul la gepren adam tadi :P


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