"Ekk Deewana Tha" (There Was A Passionate Lover)

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Namastee, i'm still in the mood of Bollywood. hehe..yup, i'm also unfamiliar with these two leading actors here as they are new comers in this world biggest film production . well, this is the very new Bollywood LOVE STORY that was released on just today. i don't know if it is worldwide and Malaysian theater is in or not but i'm so sure that I AM DYING TO WATCH this film.

i should say that this film had commercially rising up because of the big name of A.R Rahman as the music director. besides, this is actually the remake of a box-office film from the Telugu/Tamil production, Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa which successfully helped it become the talk of the town!

seriously, when i watched the trailer, i was like hoping that the legend Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayengge is making a comeback in Bollywood. hmm..as looking at the pre-feedback, everybody is saying that this film gonna be a box-office hits, its soooo romantic and blah-blah. i know that you cannot totally depends on the preview but guess what?! I DO BELIEVE all of that. haha..

nah, watch the official trailer here and judge it by yourself! =)

haha..yup, i admit that nowadays Bollywood is just like Hollywood. hmm..you know what i'm trying to say, right?! haha..but i do still seeing a moderation in it. LOL XD

honestly, i don't wanna judge the acting skills in this film especially the British model here named as Amy Jackson as the heroin. because people say that 'don't judge a book by its cover' lor. so, i just gonna watch and enjoy the romance growth in this romantic movie. Oh, i bet the chemistry gonna be great as both of them are the REAL COUPLE off the screen! again, LOL XD

OK, then i'll be patiently waiting for the VCD to come out in the next month as i don't favour to watch Hindi film in the cinema since the duration is too long! haha..c ya..


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