He Was Not Mine and Will Never Be Mine..

Cinta kau dan aku
Takkan mungkin bersatu
Untuk saat ini di dunia ini
Mungkin kita bersama
Nanti di atas sana
Biar ku setia menjaga cintamu

[Kisah Hati by Aliyah]

Oh, its not cinta but i don't know what it is. let it be what it be coz at this moment everything is pointless. so, don't you bother to ask. yes, i do accept the fact that he will never ever be mine....

And you! be strong and don't ever give up. hehe..my fav motivational speech for ya, right? neway, thanks for eveeryyything especially for giving me the answer for the question. haha

hmmmm..be happy always. insyAllah there will be a greatest hikmah besides all this challenges and  don't you worry, i'll come on the big day as i'm your friend and will always remain the same...

T.T + XD --> ("^__^)


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