Nini Cokolat Celup!

Nini Cokolat Celup! Celup! Celup!  hehe..a reminiscing story over the snack~

still remember this snack?! ok, now i have to admit that i was growing up in the year of 90's whereas this snack is damn popular back then. haha..but during that time, there is no peanut butter flavor as in the pic above. fyi, this is the new generation yo!  X)

its actually a stick which you can dip it into the creamy flavor in the same package here. the taste is just like the ordinary biscuit but what makes it differ is the cream. hahaha...why do i ramble over a snack LOL

hmmm..i guess when i saw this snack being sold at the mapley a day ago, i just can't help from reminiscing my childhood life. it was happy for a while and confuse in the middle and miserable at the, please don't ever ask me about my childhood life!

hahha..but you are most welcome to ask about what is my fav comics?  what is my fav games?  what is my fav tv channel? etc etc  X)

OK, then. c ya on the next post! 


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  1. hehe, suka yang strawberi punya... tp selalunya coklat tu habis dulu hahahaha

  2. dolu2 sy xingt plak fav flavour y mane but rite now, sy suke peanut butter ni. hehe


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