Eat > Karoks > Eat

starting with the very-nice 1st  photo captured by Tengku Amni which is my highest liking among all the close-up photo of mine. then, the 2nd photo is when we're having lunch at the famous 'Warong Sup' located in Gombak. sorry don't know the name but people called it as 'Kedai Sup Taman Melati' kowtttttt. haha..

then, we leisurely having fun at the Karoks house in Wangsa Walk. this was planned like months ago and was being postponed till we decided to lastly, rent a room for 2hr. seriously, 2hr is not enough for a die-hard-singer like me. hahaha..but the short moment was so memorable. huhu..

last but not least, again we're looking something for dinner and we chose the delicious, The Chicken Rice Shop. it was scrumptious as my first time in the month ago and it is always worthy! go go The Chicken Rice Shop! haha..i guess if they had a member club, i wanna register myself LOL. XD

eventually, we should go back as we realize that we've got a FINAL YEAR PROJECT presentation on the next day. worry as i wrote this, it was all done. Alhamdulillah...just need to pray that the result will turn out nicely. ^^

OK, then i guess thats it. i've try my best to pull out everything in here. to all my friends here, I LOVE YOU GUYS and i'm so damn sure that I WILL MISS EACH AND EVERYONE OF U!

*** Photo by SizzlingSuzai ***


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