[Official MV] "Mirror" by Lil Wayne ft Bruno Mars

you've heard the song, right?! its bad if you are still didn't since i think this song is way way better than "Lighters" although its not in the Top 10 of the Billboard rank. personally, i feel that the melody is differ as in so addictive especially the chorus part.

yup, this MV was just released on the 31st Jan 2012. its really fresh and new. check it out!

hehe..its not really my liking but this MV did received my LIKE in the YouTube because of 2 obvious reasons. it featured my baby Bruno Mars although he was just appeared in a few seconds and the fact that this is one of a great collaboration song! ^^

OK please be anticipate as i've got one more great update about my baby here. haha...just go with the flow yo! to Mr. Peter Gene Hernandez, you are amazing just the way you are!

*** Photo are credited to Bruno Mars's Official Page ***


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