The Famous Nuffnang Stick Man Should Celebrate His 5th Birthday By..

#1 - first thing first, this handsome Nuffnang Stick Man should scream out the great news that he is turning into 5 on this coming 26th February 2012!!

#2 - then, he should proudly announce that he is throwing a party in all the social networks especially the FACEBOOK and TWITTER! ohh, don't forget to make an event invitation in the FB though..haha

#3 - next, he should also traditionally post this blueish invitation card to all his hungry party-animal friends. remember send as many as he can because a quote said that, The more, The merrier!!!

#4 - after that, he just need to do all the preparations plus setup the best decorations for the party. be as creative as he can because we want the party to be remember like forever!

#5 - come the day when he needs to be the most handsome guy on the earth as 26th February 2012 is our Nuffnang Stick Man's day and night!! ^^

thus, this is my own interpretation of the coolest birthday party for Mr. Nuffnang Stick Man. personally, i believe that the crowd is the most crucial factor to have a blasting party. yup, as i said "The More, The Merrier!!"  hehe...To: MR. NUFFNANG STICK MAN, HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY!!

*** All the images are credited to the owner & was edited by SizzlingSuzai ***


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