Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift ft The Civil Wars

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Oh, this is soooo new from Taylor Swift and i'm sure its gonna be my new addiction! seriously, it is a new site of Miss Swift and its a freaking nice song. the genre is so emotionally ballad with a little bit touch of country rhythm. actually, the country sound is almost not there. lor what am i try to say...whatever~

anyhow, you should know that the MV is purely gorgeous well-blended with the slow mood of the song. i'm dying to share in here as i've already downloaded it but i've to wait until the official MV is out in the YouTube. no worry, will share it in here as soon as possible!

as for now, lets listen to the LIVE version of this pretty lady featuring The Civil Wars.

nice huh?! what? cannot really get the rhythm? haha..ok c ya on the next post when the MV is out yarr..

lastly, you should know that i don't fan her during the fearless album but i'm started to love Taylor Swift when the great "Love Story" bumped on the top Billboard ranking! haha..go Taylor go! ^^


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  1. I'm in love with the same song too!

    so sad right? I can't stop playing this song heheheh


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