Farewell with my Bollywood friend!

first of all, Oh, PLEASE IGNORE MY MESSY YET GOOFY LOOK in the pic! =P

haha..i guess my "February in Love" is totally about Bollywood! haha..now even the farewell is with the Kashmiri friend of mine. haiyooooo..i shouldn't laugh in here as the mood should be set as SAD! we're talking about farewell guys.....knock me hard on the forehead~

she is Hafsa Farooqi from the beautiful country, Kashmir, India. basically, we've known each other since the 2nd year when we were paired as a team in the workshop course. then, we became closer as she was roommate with my babes, Miss Syafiqah and K.Ros. we're all go well together as she is very friendly and humble person.

undoubtedly, the main reason of us easily bonding is I AM A HUGE FAN OF BOLLYWOOD!!! hahhaa..so i was so excited when first time knowing that she is from India. haha..seriously, i love speaking in Hindi/Urdu with her and we communicating well in English+Urdu language and plus we've exchanging the Bollywood films! hahahha..yup, that is my sweetest memory with this soooo intelligent lady.

besides, i should thanked her for tutoring me and my friend on the extremely-hard subject called as Thermodynamic! huh..i'm freaking hate that subject which we're successfully passed the paper when lot of my friends were failed in that semester. THANKS again and again Hafsa for the 'ilm! ^^

thus, the pic was captured on our last meeting before she went home to Kashmir on the last 15th Feb 2012. unfortunately, we don't know when we'll get to meet again because flying to India will not cost you RM1000 and less. you need more money peeps~ hmmm...but i do put it as my LIFETIME wishlist which this thing should be happen. we've promise each other that i'll attend her wedding when its the time. haha..insyAllah..

lastly, i should claim that studying in IIUM is fun which its giving you the opportunity to meet lot of foreign students. i'm focusing on the friendly foreign students yarrr.....yup, as not all of them is being nice to us. LOR..its quite rude right? huh!

unfortunately, Malaysian students are scared to get closer to them as usual, the pathetic reason, they scared of speaking in English! haiyooooo...c'mon lah they are not correcting your grammar as long as they could understand what you're saying, ITS REALLY OK! plus one of my Pakistani friend saying that when you're talking in English, the grammar doesn't matter anymore. thats it!

OK then, i was going beyond the farewell story. hehehe..as usual the talkative me even when writing! LOL. now, Hafsa, it was really-really nice knowing you and i'm sooo lucky to have a very wonderful Kashmiri friend here. Hope we can meet each other again and i'll get the chance to fly myself to your beautiful hometown. amin... ^^

Ukhuwah Fillah Abadan Abadaa...


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