I Won the Nuff's Bday but..

By Saturday, February 25, 2012 ,

this is the copy+paste of the email that i've received from the Nuffnang. yup, I HAVE WON the invitation to the Nuffnang 5th Birthday Party!! please gimme a big applause and yup, i'm available on the date and time plus i've already plan to wear the great bluish attire but the problem here is...

I WAS LATE FOR THE CONFIRMATION as i just open my mail yesterday at 12a.m which i should reply before 12p.m on the previous day. damn!!! (>o<)

everything had the reason which yesterday i was too busy with the report submission till i'm only available to check my mail on the middle of a night. Waarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and I'VE ALREADY LOST A BIG PRIZE FOR MYSELF!! double damn!!

so, now i just hoping that a miracle will happen which i could get a 2nd opportunity as lot of winners were not replying too. hahhahahha...that is soooo ridiculous! =P

WAARghhhhhhhhhhh...c'mon i know that its soooo impossible. huhu...i'm a big loser here...i'm freaking hate it when i've already half the way!!  X(

hate myself!! hate myself!! hate myself!!


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