"Terukir Di Bintang" by Yuna

[photo courtesy to the owner]

i notice that the mode is getting slower whenever the month is reaching the February. hmmm..i'd say that its due to the fact that some people are celebrating the V-day although you know that i'm not! hehe..thats explaining why the love-shaped balloons are in the air!

So, i just wanna share my latest addiction here since it goes well with this kinda mood. Ohhh...i LOVE this song soooo much!! honestly, it sounds a bit weird when the first time i heard it on the radio but soon after it reach the chorus part, i can't help from falling in love with the unique music arrangement and beautiful melody of the song.

yup, close both of the eyes and PLAY the unofficial MV here.

i HEART Yuna Zarai always.. ^^


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  1. suka lagu ni.sedap di dengar.lirik pun best :)

  2. i love all the yuna song..
    ada smuanya utk didgar masa memandu..
    lagu nie pon best tp pendek sgt, tgh syok2 nynyi dah tamat..

    dan lg tak bestnya,, tak blh nk smpaikan lgu nie kat sesiapa lg.. hahaha XD

  3. nik and suzie--> hehehhe...i da ckp mmg lagu ni terbaek!!! hehe..thanks 4 liking it too ^^

  4. zulaiha-->hahhaha..tol2 bru ingt de part chorus lg tetibe habes da.hah klu pasan lgu yuna mmg pendek2 xpjg mane pon tp tetap cun je. go yuna go XD


    Ingat tak masa kita lepak dengan dia kt Luna Bar dulu? She's cool!

  6. hahahah...kte LEPAK ngan YUNA..azham kamooo xbleh blah ayat!hahha..but its really true sambil borak2 sambil minum2..hehe ^^ nice memory ever..


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