Farewell with Classmates Tercinta!

Standing from left: Hassan, Syed@Awie, Amirul, Amir, Azim, Ridhwan, Awe, Kamal, Akram, Izwan, Hafiz@Kudo, Sitting from right: Haizam, Asnawi, Ridhuan@Wan cheng, Hazim
Not in the photo: Anuar

Standing from left: Wanie-chan, K.ekin, SizzlingSuzai, Syafiqah 
Sitting from right: Amni, Yana, Parhin
Not in the photo: K.Wanie, Lina, Dayah

Happy Graduation stage 1  =)

Here are some memorable photo of my classmates and me having our last dinner together. yup, majority of the fellow are boys since i'm doing the mechanical engineering which obviously is conquered by the men as in the real industry. huhu..so, the girls are the only 9 of us! (some were unable to join the night~)

Honestly, we were getting closer only after the 3rd year since before that, everybody is keeping their own company. haha..i guess we need to thank the Lab course as it required us to be in a group of boys+girls, so we just like forcing ourselves working with each other. hmmm...without realizing that it was successfully helping us knowing each other more!

Meeting and knowing this people here is one of the best thing happened in my life. despite the genders and ages, they are all incredibly kind, funny and fun to be friend with. yup, they are one of the reason my happy-happy life in this university and 100% sure that I am no regret knowing you guys! (haha...hopefully they are feeling the same thing towards me, huh?!)  XD

Thus, lets pray for our success in the future and do always remember the friendship that we have built in here. insyAllah, Ukhuwah Fillah Abadan Abadaa...amin..

Manu-riang is the BEST and please know that, I HEART you guys! ^^


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  1. wahh, byknya guy.. kenalkan yg kacak sorang.. haha

    reading this make me "nakk nagiss"
    teringat my classmate dan ia mmg memori yg paling indah dlm hidup..
    and after this all will take their own way and did not know when all will meet again...

  2. hahahhha...mslhnyerr sume da berpunye hahahha saye sndri pon xsempat nk book sorg! hahahhaha XD

  3. fafa-->yup but now imma ex-IIUM rians la..hehe


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