My Beauty Bees!

Salam Jumuah and yup, TGIF!

just wanna share some of my beauty aids in my small porch. the brands is not crucial but its effectiveness is what i'm considered more when buying those products. i'm really determined whenever i decided to start trusting any facial product as i've got an extremely sensitive skin. DUSHH!!

seriously, this hectic problem will even required you to wisely choose the MAKE-UP. so, for me i go for the mineral one but now its the other problem which is they are all pricey. now, this would explain that...

"BEAUTY IS NOT JUST PAIN, BEAUTY IS KILLER!!!" kills your pocket LOL.  XD  ok then, actually the main reason of this post is i always admire a commercial photoshoot especially on a product. its really important though to make the tiny little "thing" stand out! so, personally i think you need to be as creative as you can, push yourself to be differ and that is the main gist that makes me adore all those professional photographers! huhu..

*** the photos are captured by SizzlingSuzai ***


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  1. rase cam nak pakai loreal. :) elok x?

  2. ohh i xle ckp die ok ngan kapala i. hehe..coz actually i sje je try that product sbb hair fall prob ngan shampoo lme, but then, i think it didnt solve my prob n im gonna switch into another shampoo soon. hehe..bole dtrime ke jwpn ini?

  3. bio-life anti FR??
    ubat mende 2??

    sbb skin u sensitive i rasa u tak bleh pakai foundation true match 2...ia akan bt kulit u lebih bminyak after 3-4 hour..
    sy rasa la, dri pglman bljar solekan dlu... and u need to do a facial with mesin frenkuasi.. i think it will work on u.. i done to my frend 2 week once and she now have a more healthy skin.. haha..
    sorry klu salah!! XD

    dan!! i see yr pic in "Farewell with my Bollywood friend!"
    tiba2 terasa yr face are really like my adik friend
    now i found one from 7 people same look as u.. haha


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