my RM200 redemption!

Thanks Allah for the great opportunity as me still being a student on the last month! yup, i'm graduating but yet i'm still a student who completing her final year project. so, that is the reason why i'm still able to get the RM200 voucher from the finance department and used it sesuka hati tanpa perlu memikirkan pembelian buku teks! hehehe..

Thus, those are the buzzworthy redemption that i've made on the last week at the Kinokuniya, KLCC. i'm intended to purchase all those vouchers at this cool Japanese bookstore as i'm targeting to buy some hand-crafted Japanese book but i canceled it since it is all TOO PRICEY!

huhu...actually i've already know this fact but still trying to get one with the appropriate price but i failed. RM78 and blah-blah for a simple book and for the thing that i can think it by myself. haha..i wanna say that i'm also as creative as the book LOL ...hahhaha..then why do i need to spend on it?!?

because honestly, i wanna get a photography book which i know it is also very pricey. why does everything that i wanted is expensive?!? LOL hahha...never mind i'm still grabbing the RM92.90 photography book plus the LOMO photo fun which is RM78! darn, its already near to RM200 when i'm also dying to buy the Nicholas Sparks's (although i've watched the movie), the Nina Garcia's (as i admire her sooo much) and my fav local author Lydia Teh's Life's Like That. remember i've only RM20.10 left!!!, the answer for the above mathematics calculation plus myself confusion is I NEED TO ADD ANOTHER RM100 at the end. LOR..basically the initial aim was to save your own money but still get the books. however, my not-a-happy ending was the other way around. Oh, i failed the test!  =P

haha..anyhow, i'm sooooooo satisfy with this big purchasing and what do i need to do now is....SUZAI, hurry up and finish reading all of it!!! hahahhaha...i guess i need to stop blogging and start doing the reading!, bye guys!  XD


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