My Buddy's Wedding

By Sunday, February 19, 2012 ,

my dearest manu-riang classmate! ^^

ohh..gadis-gadis melayu GC '09. hehe

rindu kat akk Amy Natasya Adam! hehe


gadis-gadis chantek manu-riang!! wahahahha...babes, sayang kamoo semua!  =D

dear friend, wish you had a blessing marriage and stay happy with your spouse forever and ever. amin.. ^^

guys, for your information i've started to receive bunch of wedding invitations from my fellow friends on the last-last year. i must say that the hectic moment starting on the year 2010 when lot of my ex-schoolmates and my uni-mates announced their engagement as well as wedding. i also need to start thinking about it?! ahakkkss...hahhaa  XD

anyhow, here is the latest wedding that i've attended on the last Saturday. it is my manu-riang buddy's wed at his hometown Meru, Klang. we've purposely gathered at the beloved IIUM on the morning to together went to the venue since this is our last chance to gather more memorable moments together...huhu

yup, thanks a lot to the groom (who is our classmate) for this wedding as we had a great time meeting each other and capturing more photos together! hehe..Encik Muhamad Ridhwan, semoga berkekalan sehingga ke akhir hayat yerr. amin.. ^^

lastly, i LOVE my friends and hopefully they LOVE me back. haha ..ADIOS!


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  1. waaaaa... nak kwen jugak... hahaha...

  2. hahahha...dipersilakan dear but JGN LUPE INVITE I DAH LAR!! hehe


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