Salam Ramadhan..

Atlast, i have my first HIJABISTA mag copy! frankly, it was not my intention to be the loyal reader of it since this new-born magazine is quite pricey. yup, i'm considering RM10 for a local magazine as expensive! it gonna be an exceptional case for the photographer skills and tips mag or the wedding mag that showcasing lot of pro photos in it~

so, the main reason that attracted me to atlast buy this copy is the Eidulfitri theme of it. i was like looking forward to the bunch of hijab inspirations that also featuring my ex-schoolmate a.k.a the famous hijabista, Aishah Amin in it, hehe..thanks dear for successfully made me spent my money on it! :D

now, my verdict of this mag is it is full of inspiration and fresh ideas. yup, the hijab styling is bold, urban-chic and very trendy!

however, some of them (for me, it would be lot of them~) are too 'over-reacting' in another word nobody would ever wear it casually besides the model who shoot a photo in a studio for the purpose of photoshoot! seriously, the layers and the colours combo are quite scary duhh~ LOL why would i spend my money to see the thing that is 'unreal' for me to wear??!, i hate the cover of the gorgeous Dian Pelangi there in which i'm sure there are more beautiful photos instead of that one. huh!

i'm sorry if you are the big fan of the WHOLE mag because i'm not saying that the HIJABISTA mag is not good. seriously, i was soooo glad to know that a new mag is specially made for the hijabi readers was born in Malaysia. unfortunately, i was disappointed by the price and now, the styling. sometimes, the less is the best.

hey, but still credit the girls from the Sunsilk hijab tutorial section since it was very trendy and 'not-messy-at-all'!! yup, all the styling are my fav and i chose to wear the turban+hijab style by the pretty Sheril Sheridan for this coming raya. hmmm...i'm so excited over it! ^^

hmm..let me know what ya think about it. hehe..PEACE no war!


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  1. Stuju.trlalu extra color and tudung.pheewe.poning den

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  3. betul! ada sesetengah tu over. and the way die show cara nak pakai tu pun, macam tak proper. confius dibuatnya.

  4. i have to agree with's good that they have this new mag..tapi terlalu byk fesyen dlm tu yg over..islamic fashion is supposed to be about modesty..

  5. totally agree with you. teringin nak beli tapi tengok RM10, cancel! kalau RM8 still can consider lagi. hope first few months je lah, or maybe first year dia letak harga mahal sikit. bila dah ada fan base, ramai beli, maybe can turunkan. macam CLEO. dulu 5.60 now 5.00. even nipis sikit but still i think it's a very good magazine sebab tak focus on fashion sahaja, ada pasal lifestyle and career tips.

    pheww. panjang gila komen :P

  6. Syafiqah --> ok dear will visit u then.. ^^

  7. Rara-->yup over n confusing~ ok r admittedly 'some' of them r great la ini adlh krn "nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga" hehe

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  10. aww thanks suzai!<3;) I think they should fill the mag with more beneficial info especially the ones revolving around islamic & global issues, mcm aquila asia. its not just focusing on fashion semata-mata.

  11. yup dear...besides all the styling stuff tuh, yup, they r tooooo focusing on the fashion aspect only kn. ade la juga some islamic-related articles there but i guess they need to improve it...insyAllah GIVE THEM THE TIME n space bcoz it is still sooo new kn.. :) GO Hijabista go! hehe..insyAllah i'll b the fan ONLY when the price is being reduce...hahahahha still hvg prob w the price!! XD

  12. Baca dah. Makcik punya tapi. =)

    Erm menarik. Tapi pakai kat rumah jelah kot. Hehehe.

  13. ntah kenapa..ak lebey tertarik dek cadar bwh hijabista tu la der. auw, daring~

  14. Thank you all for your critism;)

    These kindda scenario is normal, when it is a local bahasa melayu publication, there's always flaws somewhere. But if it is an english based magazine,everythin is superb and flawless.

    Hijabista editor

  15. wowww leopard skin hehehhee..itu yg i nmpak dulu ahhaha

  16. *this is a really late replying*

    to Ms SUZI (the Hijabista editor)

    salam dear, TQ SOOOO MUCH for coming in here. i just cant describe my feelin' on the fact that my infamous blog here is known by u guys! huhu..terharunyerr ;)

    1st of all, let me clear this post that was written just to share my own OPINION&THOUGHTS without the intention of humiliating/insult other party especially u guys! :(

    i do hope that all the comments are encouraging u guys to improve n gettin' better and NOT givin' up by saying that we just support the 'outsider'.

    im so sorry if what i said as cleo mag is my fav is insulting u. the reason is bcoz that mag was published looong time ago plus i read it as to IMPROVE MY ENGLISH or otherwise i think i'll be a subscriber for Intrend mag lor~ :)

    insyAllah i'll get another copy n make a review on it again. yup, im wrong as im not supposed to judge based on one reading. so im sorry for that n wish u guys a GREAT future w the HIJABISTA!

    PEACE no war! (^_^)


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