[Special MV] "Mystery" by Beast

By Friday, February 17, 2012 , ,

i'm back with my K-pop fever here. this is actually the old song from this group. it was a SPECIAL MV MADE and i should say i don't care about the MV though as i care about the song!

yup, this is one of my fav song from BEAST besides the hot debut, bad girl and the latest famous one, Fiction! every song from this Korean Idol group is freaking great. i'm not saying that because imma big fan of them but its due to the reason why this group had rising their popularity in a very short time.

they are good singers, great dancers and even recorded killer songs! ^^


huhu...the MV is simple and clean. yup, i love the hand-walking idea in here that doing a great skateboarding action and even dancing in a cute shoes. haha..i should consider this MV as a cute not a hot one. haha..what to do whenever YOSEOB came out on the screen, i was like "omo, this creature is damn cute!!" =))

Oh, you should probably wonder why i'm soooo active updating in here. haha..its due to the fact that i knew that i'll unable to online tomorrow and so-on. then, c ya on the next post!

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