Photoshoot 10 - Fashion ft Friendship

By Monday, February 27, 2012 ,

Camera : CANON EOS550D
Location : its secret! haha X)
Starring : SizzlingSuzai ft NurulSyafiqah

Ohhhh, we are both extremely adore those reflections of us! seriously, the lighting was just perfect, the stylish outfit on that day was looking soooo good in the pics and our own great talent of camwhoring! Miss Syafiqah claimed, this is the best bunch of our photos together.

OK, lets ramble a bit about friendship. personally, i considered friendship as one of the greatest value in life. you should appreciate it or else your life will be as wasteful as the trash! a loner in the family, i tend to be closer with my friends and i should say i spend my time mostly with them. sounds a bit bitter, huh! haha..i guess the other reason is i have a very small family which my parents, sister and me. thats it! ^^

well, actually i used to live alone since i was 11 years old. after that, i've entered the boarding school till i've completed my SPM. then, i continuing living with the friends when i registered into the IIUM matriculation centre till the end of the final year in the IIUM main campus on just last week. lonely chronology life!

thus, the moral value of this childhood story is i LOVE my friends and thank you guys for being there with me! hope our friendship will grow stronger and forever..amin. ^^


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  1. facial expression pika kt pic #2.. epik! haha~

  2. parhin-->hahahha..jgn memain ngan makcek tu skali dpt pose..kemain lg die. hahahha XD

  3. wanie-chan y ku cyg-->klu lu ade mesti lg HAVOC!!! XD

  4. mr.zamri-->hehehe..shoooo nice of u dear.tq!

  5. ni kat semua house kan? kat floor same dgn foodcourt tu. :P


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