When my heart is writing..

By Friday, February 03, 2012

i don't wanna ruin my whole life for that silly thing
which was nothing from the beginning
but i just can't lying by saying that i'm OK
because obviously, i'm not!

why did that eyes staring deep into mine
questioning and explaining something
which i know exactly what it means!

i wanna see more of you
i wanna talk more with you
and i wanna do more with you
but i know its all pointless
it will just end up hurting hard myself
so, i shouldn't do it..

one big thing that messing me a lot
how should i act after tomorrow?
how could i survive the s**t?
how can i act calmly when everyone knows that i'm not?
how can i say congrates & be happy when i'm not really mean it?
and how and how and how?

friends, i'm just a normal girl who pretending to be tough
i promise that this will last only for couple of months
after that, i'm gonna be 100% the crazeeyy me
but shit, i've already broke my own rule
stupidly crying like a fool!!

as for now,
i will remember the sentence, the eyes and the smile
till i found the one that can replace it
i promise i will let it go...

and friends,
let me hide behind the mask
so, nobody will see the tears..
including you!


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