Photoshoot 9: The Moody Reader

Admittedly, i'm not a big fan of reading. i'm a moody reader which means i will only read when i feel like it. otherwise, i rather open my lappy and playing with the photoshop or prominently, updating my beloved blog. huhu..bad behaviour here.

However, i must say that my forever fav reading is the CLEO magazine. i told you before that i subscribed it for every month. seriously, never failed!

Now, lets ramble a bit about the photos here. oh, i love the first image so much as its very natural. OK, i edited the color a bit but the angle are seriously nice. hmmm..please ignore my over-slept eyes!

Obviously, all the pieces here are repeated. the batwing top, the very vintage maxi skirt as well as the ALDO clog platform. hence, these photos are only for the photoshoot purposed that was held on my boring evening in my campus.

haha..don't say that i look fatty in here because i do realized it and i'm tired of working on it. babes probably are smirking and saying that, "Suzai, since when ar you're working on it?!!" hahaha..

p/s: honestly, i'm still in the bad mood especially today and the coming 18th. (.......)

*** photo are captured by Rosfazaton and edited by SizzlingSuzai ***


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  1. What I like about you is you're very confident with yourself even though you are very fat.

  2. mahallah hafsa if i'm not mistaken kan? hahaha

  3. despite of ur gorgeous look n style, the surrounding is somehow looks familiar...


  4. anonymous-->tq soo much for d comliment but hey, that word 'very' is hurting me!! hahaha..ok ok i understood that i should work on it right. hahha...dunno what to say just wait n c ya XD

  5. kak ungu-->HAHAHHA...anda pon meneka dgn betol!hahah..wat lidv kak xd org lnsg bole r dok dok kat ctu klu time bese haiyoooo...tebal r muke sy! haha

  6. hehe ni kat mahallah mane u u bwt photoshoot ni..? lol

  7. syah-->hahhahahha....MAHALLAH HAFSA ku y tercinta la konon!! la kejenyer ble org lein cuti blk n i wat lidv!! hahaha..nk join ke?! LOL


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