i hate to be alone!

truth fact about the image, CLEO is my monthly-must-have mag plus i am not really a McD's fan!

seriously, i hate the lonesome situation especially when it is the time to fill up the stomach. haha..in a petty way, EATING ALONE IS DAMN BORING! yup, that pic was taken on the last-last Friday when i'm on my own way back home and i was famish and need foods immediately!

well, it depends right?! some people relish seating alone at the corner of a restaurant and watching people come and go. hemmmmmmmmmm...i'm not as sentimental as that since whenever i eat alone (actually you can easily count it~ hehe) i felt terrible and the most is i felt W.E.I.R.D. hahaha..

thats it, i am not really free right now gotta settle lot of things. but i know i need to update something in here because blogging is my passion, my life and my soul. haha..ok GOOD NIGHT people ^^


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  1. dear,, aritu ternmpk u lagi kat nilai... nak tegur tapi nmpk bebenor bznya.. kusyuk memilih.. for ur sister rite?

  2. u kene update cik jujai..i nk bace..hahaha

  3. ifa-->haha good night (waktu skrg yerr) adik IFA =))

  4. jameela-->HAHAHAHHAHA...kte ni mmg pjg jodohnyerr ni..hahha bole plak nmpk lg..larrr nape xtegonyer lg..alahh jameela bole lar pasni kt set date ble2 free la.hehe ;)

  5. yana bucuk-->hahhahhaa..tq cayang! =))

  6. tau takpe... punya la jauh ke nilai pun still boleh jumpa... next time for sure kita yang set date.. tak mo ah kebetulan2 ni.. lets meet up and buy a lots of 'nude' things! hehehehe..

  7. Those are my favourite heels! hehe but i prefer red its so HOT! LOL:p

  8. jameela-->haha..tula sal..jauh2 nun pon le trjumpe juger..ok we'll insyAllah one day... =))

  9. flower-->huh!! again i failed i found another one w lower price but unfortunately THERE IS NO SIZE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! (T__T)


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