LOOK #43 - Spin On The Polka Dots

red gradient pashmina from Times Square
cardigan with hoop from Goggles 
polka dots dress from flea market (K.L Bundle Fest)
necklace from diva
flat from The Summit

Oh, i must say that i love the close-up photos here soo sooo much. Thanks a lot Sister Syafiqah! ^^

its crystal clear that i rarely wearing a skirts or dresses. as i said over and over again, its not that i disliking it but honestly, its quite hard for me to find the pieces that really suit with my height and shape. LOL. haha..truly guys, lot of petites are having the same damn problem and even some of us are not confident to wear it. oh, c'mon there is no discrimination in fashion. pretties, you just need to wisely choose it!

atlast, i've successfully added my first ever polka dots garment in the wardrobe and it is a vintage dresses! hehe..usually i don't favour to buy any of them although i love the prints and design on it but i don't find it blend well with me. now this one had tackled my heart when the first time i saw it at the KL Bundle Fest!

yup, it is a thrifted item and surely, i got it with the cheap price of RM10! what i really love about this dress is its maxi skirt and the collar which i'm not able to show in those pics. huhu..its actually sleeveless which makes me more comfortable to combine it with any outerwear plus the length is perfectly fit with my limited height! hehe..

admittedly, i don't want it to be tooo feminine. so, i wore that hooped-cardigan to give some edginess to the whole look. haha..plus with the flat and not heels! giler ka mahu bersiar-siar menggunakan heels?? oh tidak sekali! ^^

thus, hope you guys LOVE this because i LOVE it so much. haha..then, c ya on the next fashion post!

*** stunning photos were captured by NurulSyafiqah & edited by SizzlingSuzai ***


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  1. Salam dear...you look so pretty and sweet!LOVE...

  2. wsalam..tq sooo much sandara. huhu...thanks also 4 making a visit in here. hehe bow!


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