Pangkor Vacation @ DAY 2

Continuing the story of my Pangkor Island vacation with this 2nd day summary. we started the day with observing the sunrise at 7:30 p.m which the sun was already rising up, leaving in the bright sky for us! so, NO SUNRISE watching lor~ haha..but the morning photoshoot is still on and we've successfully shot lots of interesting photo that i'll reveal on the next post. us the camera freak coz that is who we are! :D

Thus, the objective of the 2nd day is having fun as much as we could. the main activity that we all were so excited about is going for snorkeling at the Giam Island. it cost us RM15 per person including the snorkeling equipment and touring the island by the boat. yup, please ask me if this is my first time? the answer is sadly yes and you should also know that i'm always eager to try on the scuba diving as well. now, you would ask me on how about diving with the shark?? OH NOooo, THAT THING IS NOT IN MY LIST. hahha..i'm still young to die LOL~ =D

tak suka tak suka pakai tudung bawal, muka jadi bolat macam bebola =>babab => gemok => memang dah menggemok pon => tak sedar-sedar lagi! =P .....needs help!

huhu...i can still feel the excitement by looking back at those pics. it was short but it was fun although the water is not as crystal clear as the one at the Tioman Island but yup, i saw the fishes and i swam with them! anyhow, we don't just got the excitation, we've even got the killer pain! seriously, the corals were soooooo cruel and the wave was strong swirling us effortlessly. it cause us to step on nothing but the razor sharp edges of the corals. so, our feet was cut heartlessly by the brittle coral and leaving the wounds on it. this is the evidence of the F.U.N snorkeling~

hahaha...cik SALMI pinjam kaki hang sat no. haha..this is just on the upper part which the bottom of this feet is more chronic!! hahhaa...cian pergi snorkeling dapat love bite dan muke terbakor ma...hahaha =D but i'm sure this gonna be the sweetest memory for each of us although it taste as bitter as the coffee. no, we don't regret it as we are all the extream lover chic and we are loving this kind of challenges. haha...SERIUS SAKET wwooooo..

We ended the 'playing with water' day with riding on the banana boat and that was the best among the best. hahha...there were another funny stories about that but let it just keep between us. anyhow, the most happening part about it is we were being threw foolishly on the sea for 3 times. hahhaa..sangat hodoh!

Then on we had our delicious dinner at the same 'kedai makan' that cost us only RM100. it is including the 2 ikan bakar, tomyam, sayur, telur, 5 nasi, 5 air and FOUR PLATES OF KERANG BAKAR! super berbaloi-baloi and the kerang bakar is the best that i've ever taste in my life! seriously it is as the best as we've kept ordered it until the worker teasing us about it. haha..Addam Islander, lu punyer kerang bakar memang terbaek ar bro~ haha =D

Lastly, we've got back to the chalet and fallen deep into sleep with the kerang bakar berenang-renang di dalam perut masing-masing. hahhaa..nak lagi! nak lagi! still with the kerang bakar's story which i don't think we can find the same exact same quality in here as they were really fresh, BIG and well cook! hehehe..

OK, enough with that. now, i'm so excited to list out our total expenses on the vacation for 3D2N. we've agreed to collect RM200 per person and that was enough to fully support each of us for the whole vacation. hence, let me share the detail expenses of A person :

car fuel = RM 38
boat = RM10
family room (Palma Resort for 2 nights) = RM 72
watersports (snorkeling, banana boat & canoeing) = RM35
food (2 breakfast+2 lunch+2 dinner) = RM 45

OK Then, will continue the story on the next-next post because i need to take nap before the next class at 2p.m. hahhaa..i was really sleepy on this morning class. GOOD NIGHT then.....

*** The images are credited to SizzlingSuzai & Wanie-chan of PatPatSikuLipat ***

to view the PANGKOR VACATION @ DAY 1 CLICK HERE....xoxo...

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  1. wah....murah kan? boleh join lain kali hehehe

  2. wah bestnya dpt jenjalan...nak ikut juga:)

  3. hahaha itu kaki cik salmi bukan ak hohohoho...yeahhh kerang bakar memang sedap bangat....banana boat paling TERBAIK laaaaa...

  4. azham-->yup absolutely..mmg gune rm200 tu je spjg vacation..hehe insyAllah when we all r ready to open it to guys a.k.a boys, i'll call u..hahhaha

  5. nikisa-->hahaha...g la plan brsama rakan2 u..mmg best ble brcuti ngan kengkawan nih...hehehhe ble buat sesuka ati shj! =D

  6. wanie-chan-->HAHHAHAHA...haiyooooo slah kaki ma..haha gtau cik salmi i pjm kaki die sat..haha BANANA boat mmg terbaek sbb abg samseng gua y bwk! hahahhaha =D

  7. ni kat belah mana Pangkor ni? Teluk Nipah ker Pasir Bogak? cam best jer seafood tu.. yummmm. :)

  8. wahhh bestnyee.
    u give me some ideas to go vacation with my friends :D

    expenses information tu sangat berguna ok ^.-

  9. aku yg sering di slh erti..hahaha..cmne leh slh nie cik jujai..haha

  10. bestnya..dah lama x g jenjalan...

  11. encik zamri-->heheh..aah la lupe nk mention..TELUK NIPAH y dikatakn pantai plg cantik kat pangkor tuh..hahhahah cantik la jugeerrrrr =D

  12. laila-->ur most welcome dear...slalunyer ktorg akk google2 la harga2 y brpatutan..huhu bole jimat lg sbnanyer mek la chalet y murah kami xnk sbb TAK CANTIK!hahahhaha..pompuan biasalah nk y selesa jerrr =D haha..

  13. cik salmi y sering disalah ertikan oleh cik jujai ---> HAHHAHAHHA ...alahh yang jgnla ngajok ngan i..sorry hahhahahha =D

  14. k.ogosh-->haiiyoo...jgnla gtu..kak maila trun sy k ble kt jmp..hehehhe


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