dedicated to my BFF: R U Choosing Ur BFF?!

obviously, this photo is courtesy to Paris Hilton's BFF show. Ok, i knew that this show was being aired long time ago and i have watched some of the episodes (c'mon slap me hard on the face!) and everytime when i unintended watched it, i had the same ludicrous feeling!

Oh gosh, this reality tv program is one of the most ridiculous i had ever seen! i was like wth, you're making a contest to find your BFF? did you really know what BFF means? are you too desperate-lonely person till you need a fake BFF? Walllaahhhh...i think i need to give a great applause to this wealthy lady for having this idea which is soooo original. guys, nobody ever think that a BFF can be find via the reality program. this is really the 1st ever. Congrats Paris!

now, why did i came out with this out of sudden?? i just watched it on the 8tv because there were no other interesting show besides this one. haha..again Congrats Paris as your show here attracted me to stay till the elimination part of Stephen. haha..even a guy is desperately wanna be her BFF, i don't get it!  XD

OK, i should apologize here as i'm not trying to be rude by talking bad about this show. she have the fame and absolutely, she have the money! so, NO offence! i'm just not having a similar thinking of the BFF finding through the competition. it doesn't go that way LOL.

personally, i think BFF comes naturally whereas it is unplanned and no deciding! guys, try to reminisce the moment of you and your bestie first time meeting, getting closer day by day and finally, realized that you guys are sharing everything together and just can't live without each other. there is NO PLANNING, right?!

yup, it happened to me like 3 times with the 3 awesome persons that i've known since my childhood, high school and right now, my uni life. why is it 3? because BFF should be one, right?! NOPE, for me i'd proudly consider that i'm having 3 BFFs.

guys, its due to the changing stages in my life although right now, i'm closer with the uni's BFF more than the childhood and the high school one and even they are also having another BFF in their life. it cannot be the reason for me to forget our strong bonding and all the happy moments together!

ok..pic-pic ini mmg huduh sungguh ghupa hakuh di situ..haha but the important is the strong friendship look of it!  XD

dearest friends,

you guys are the BEST person i've ever known in my life! each of you are special just the way you are. honestly, i can't imagine my life without you being there besides me listening to my every little problems and even supporting on my everything. no money can buy it!

insyAllah, i will remember our friendship forever, our magical bonding and our obvious differences. haha..yup, we are all differ especially in character, right?! but still we built a powerful bond. huhu..i've also no idea on how did this happened. i think, as i said BFF will come to you naturally and unplanned! haha

hence, THANK YOU friends, i LOVE you a lot and FRIEND IS FOREVER!! amin...


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  1. Aik, cam bleh baca mind plak. I'm actually using the same term for my new 'editorial' soon...jgn tergezut plak nnt. Huhu... :)

  2. I love your blog honey, you know how to get dressed !!!

  3. encik zamri-->im waiting for it. huhu da ke lom. cam xd y berkaitan lg pon..hehe u meresahkn i ape la tu. hahhaha...jgn i trkejut jd berok da la. hahahha huduh glerr!

  4. miss peacock-->tq sooooooooooooooo much dear ^^


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