LOOK #42 - The One-piece Knits!

black pashmina from anywhere
Knitted top from my mom's old wardrobe that have already be mine!
skinny jeans from F21
necklace from F21
yup, intended barefoot for the shot!

Hello, i'm back with savvy fashion rambling! huhu

well, this trend should be wearing during the cold winter on the last month as being promoted by the www.whowhatwear.com . hehe..but as usual my timing is always a 1 month late from the others on this same planet. i'm sorry girls as i just couldn't find the right time and place for capturing this simple look here.

so, here is How I'm Wearing My Knit! i just simply wear it with the skinny pants and add some accessory to it. its totally petty!! yup, this is an old piece that i've stole from my mom's old wardrobe. so, i'm sorry as i don't have the idea on where did it coming from. anyhow, i should claim that i love wearing it with a tight pants as it has a long length that can cover up my butt. opppss, so less sexy and more moderate. haha  XD

now, what a knit mean? it is made from the interlocking loops of wool or other yarn with knitting needles or on a machine. so, usually people are wearing it as to prevent themselves from the coldness by warming up the body with its cozy material.

now, be it a knitted sweater, a knitted cardigan or even just a simple top like mine here, all those cozy garments are a get-up-and-go piece. however, as reported by the www.whowhatwear.com , the star fashion mogul like Rihanna and Olivia Palermo have demonstrated the simple knitted top can also be vogue! how?! you've to visit and read this original article in HERE.

OK, then. hope to be inspired by this petty look and c ya on the next fashion post! ^^


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  1. Babe! I tengok cita ni and ayat yg paling tacing sekali bila kajol jemput ke perkahwinan dia tu, SRK ckp yg dia x akan pergi...sbb x nk tgok org yg dia sayang tu jd hak org lain...sweett!


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