The Prof. Dr. A.K.M Nurul Amin

truly HATE my messy+fatty+skema nak mati look in the photo. ohhhh...but i cannot be picky as this is the ONLY PHOTO of my FYP supervisor, the hardworking groupmates and me. weekkkkksssss!!! =P

Arghhh....lets change the topic by introducing those people in the photo and the relationship with the tittle. the 2nd person from the right, Prof. Dr. A.K.M Nurul Amin is the respectful supervisor for my Final Year Project that i've been working for the past 2 semesters. yup, he is the responsible person behind all the hectic works as well as the brilliant guidance for us.

ohh, he is not Malaysian although the name sounds like it and please know that i was thinking the same in 2 years ago when the 1st time i heard the name. this very intelligent person is from Bangladesh and was living in Malaysia for the past 13 years!

now, try to google the name and you'll find out that he had wrote hundreds of engineering journals especially on the topic of machining/manufacturing. he is well-known in that particular area and honestly, that is the reason why we had chose to be under his supervising at the first place coz we love machining! haha X)

personally, he is a very strict person, extremely punctual & systematic, looking fierce without the smile on (hehe..this is really a precious photo as Dr. Amin is smiling soo friendly. X) ) and obviously everybody in our kuliyyah engineering is kinda of 'scared' of him. well, actually we are all bowing him and knowing him so close like this had making me honor him more.

hahaha..i don't know if i'm capable to comment on him like this and what does his reaction if he knows that i wrote about him. HAHAHA..surely i'll be dying! so, please do not tell him. ok?! haha XD

anyhow, the other 2 persons there are Bro. Hafiz and Sister Syafiqah who are my groupmates and classmates and the happy MANU-RIANGs. huhu...we had worked so hard on the experiment part and thanks a lot guys for together realizing this project till the end. friend is forever! ^^

then, here is my boastful report with the RM20 hardcover. haha..actually, it is sooo proud to look at our works had been binned like this. looking professional and paid! hehehe..

don't worry this is the very last post about my FYP as it was all done on yesterday. now, we just need to pray for the best grad which will be out on the 16th March 2012. guys, remember the date as IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!!  =)

bye-bye. oh, tomorrow i'll attend another wedding of my schoolmate. ohhh..seriously, 2 weddings in a short gap, i'm desperately need to start thinking about it as well. hahhahhaa..i'm joking!


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  1. congrats dear, finally dapat habiskan.. i know stress time buat tesis tu.. but then bila tengok siap hardcover semua rasa worth it and berbaloi all the time and all the patient for that kan.. oh missing about study life kat uni dulu.. :)


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