i'm done with studies!

By Thursday, February 09, 2012 ,

hi guys, i'm back with good health and mood. hehe..the last 2 days was bad days for me and my mom when we both were suffering with food poisoning. we took our turn using the bathroom! was seriously uncomfortable condition as i was unable to even think of any food. everything made me wanna vomit!

Alhamdulillah as today i'm able to ON my lappy and watching all my fav K-POP performances again. well, that is a very good sign telling that i'm already fine.

hehe..ok back with the title. actually, yesterday was the registration date of a new semester and i was at home sleeping and resting! yeaahooo...i'm done with all the hectic registration day and the most is STUDIES. i'm no longer a student but right now, i'm jobless! haha..

now, this is the scariest part of my life. hunting for a great job or as the beginning A JOB! huhu..i'm still searching for it and hardly try my luck at any post (related to engineering of course~) at any company. guys, do please pray for me ok... ^^

OK, thats it. a short update of my boring life at home. bye-bye for now.


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  1. Dah sehat? alhamdulillah..

    jom buat persatuan menanam anggur..hehe

  2. hehe selamat mencari cari kerja dik suzai..hehe..:)

  3. cik yun..hehe alhamdulillah suda sht buk. suda bole mkn mcm2!! XD

  4. k.yana bucuk..huhu maseh tdk dpt pape intrview lg. seih takut. huhu..sile doakn sy ye. hehe tq ^^


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