[ALBUM REVIEW] ADAM 4 Stylo Giler!

the awesome front cover look with the dearest signature! hehe

open up the album which full with fire! ^^

Slip the right side. ohh, this is sooo Bi Rain but i do LOVE it! xoxo

Slip the left side, thats the CD!

Slip the upper part! now, its the SRK's RaOne. haha its Adam version =)

The back cover, do not star or you'll burning and melting! hehe


1. Tension
2. Kau
3. Pergilah
4, Ellena
5. Boleh bah kalau kau
6. Tension (Instrumental)
7. Kau (Instrumental)
8. Pergilah (Instrumental)
9. Ellena (Instrumental)
10. Boleh bah kalau kau (Instrumental)

OK, this post will be in Malay or rojak campur lah! seriously, an awesome album with stunning photos, right?! harr..mase mula-mula saya dapat album ADAM 4 oleh penyanyi ADAM AF2 ini, perkara pertama yang menarik dan tertarik bagi saya ialah kualiti dan kekreatifan packaging album die. hmmm..i means album cover and those incredible photos lah. memang STYLO GILERRR!

then, paling penting lagu-lagu dalam album ADAM 4 ini semuanya layan habes. harr..perkara wajib lah cakap pasal lagu mane yang menjadi favourite saya kn?? personally, PERGILAH dan KAU memang sedap sangat, 100% layan coz its a ballad love song cam lagu jiwa pedih iyer juger lah and i'd say that those are some of the best songs from Adam. die macam ala-ala lagu Benar-Benar tu tapi surely, its differ and great in its own way and plus its really resembling Adam's genre of music! so, highly recommended for you to listen to it...memang addicted lagu tuh. hehe

honestly, i've listen to the song, TENSION at a local radio but yup, the feedback is slow. huhu..i think patutnya promote lag PERGILAH kot baru meletup. hehehhee..sebab lagu tuh my favourite as i claimed above and lagu best. hahaha..so, guys next time bile korang buat permintaan lagu kat mane-mane radio, sila minat lagu ADAM berjudul PERGILAH. ok? deal! ^^

hehe...still wanna boastfully sharing my pic with this handsome guy, Mr. Adam. yup, i've met him at my cousin's wed and we were LONG CHATTING and my cousins was like starring at me enviously. haha sorry cousie, i just couldn't resist the attraction. Oh my, he is really a good-looking man and i was like sweating and forgetting any of his song on that moment. gilerr kelakar, tajuk lagu famous "Lagu Sedih" saya xingat, nama group die "V.I.P" pon saya tak ingat lansung. padahal saya suke giler lagu dan group ala-ala
k-pop beliau itu.  HAHAHAHHAHAHA...terpana la tuh!! haha XD

hehe, isn't the right pic is soooo sweet?!! hahhahaa...neway, Abg Adam tq soooooooooooo much for the CD and here i am appreciating the gift. so sorry for the late post here as this album was actually released loong time ago but still guys, HURRY UP TO ANY MUSIC STORE AND GET YOUR OWN COPY OF ADAM 4. OK?!

hopefully, this will do. yeahh, lets SUPPORT ADAM AF forever!! (^.^)

*** photos are captured by SizzlingSuzai ***


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  1. :) dearie, sbg peminat abg adam juga, saya rasa iri hati sgt. dont worry in a good way of cos. hihi

  2. saba na...hehehhe he is a good guy though..


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