DIY: turn Long Sleeve Shirts into skirts

guess what? yup, that gorgeous SEXY SKIRTS on her is a LONG SLEEVE SHIRT originally! oh, c'mon close your jaw back to its place..haha. obviously, this brilliant idea has impacted the fashion blogsphere all over the world as you can see it separated well in the fashion collective pages such as LookBook and Chictopia.

now, its really truth that FASHION is all about being creative / innovative / unlimited mix and match until you've got what its call trendsetter. the term that had been used to a fashionista who created her own style and being accepted and applied globally. as for this so-versatile idea, it says that the style icon Frickys is the responsible person who transformed a top into a bottom!

personally, i think this idea might came from the usual look that we can see when people wrapping up their long-sleeve sweater around the waist. probably, one day maybe she doing that while wearing a hot short-short pants that unseen when the sweater on top of it, then Taaa...daaaa it looks like she is wearing a skirt! this is really what i feel when the first time i saw this kind of streetstyle new look and i'm LOVING it so much! now girls, how to apply it on your own unwanted long-sleeve shirt or the BEST choice is the Bf shirt? here are the simple 5 ways :

1. Get any long sleeved button up shirt. (It’s optimal to get a shirt that’s long and loose.)

2. The head part of the shirt will be your waistline. Wrap the shirt around your hips (with the collar behind, sleeves on the side). As it’s wrapped around your waist/hips, you’ll want to start buttoning up from the bottom of the shirt. 

3. As you’re buttoning, instead of doing all the buttons, skip a couple of holes. Then, button as high as you want until the desired length of the skirt.

4. When you’re finished, you’ll discover that one side of your ‘skirt’ is higher than the other. (It’s intentional to look ‘asymmetrical!’)

5. Get your sleeves and tie the knot in the front.

 Ok, for clearer understanding, the figure above will do the job. for more info about this DIY, 
CLICK HERE for the original copy!

thus, i hope this post is inspiring you as it inspired me a lot and for the HIJABI girls, you know when we're talking about skirts there is one way to solve it. skinny and skinny! lastly, i'd like you to know that i'm freaking LOVE the look below.......

FriChic show us what she got! Oh, this is so perfect, the top, the 'skirts', the hair and the fierce look. its all well-blended in a way that i love, the streetstyle ...HYPED++

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  1. totally in love with this style. if only i have a big enough shirt to turn it into maxi skirt. malas nak layer with pants inside. hehe

  2. wow! such a good & unique idea for street style kan! :)

  3. nn-->hahha...i hope so..gile besar bju tu le jd maxi skirt trus kn..haiyoo mane mau dpt! haha..nice idea!

  4. nanie-->yup, thats what i love bout streetstyle, its always unique n indie!

  5. najlaa->hahha...that is happened when an engineer love fashion so much!


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