LOOK #16 - feeling so blues in this blue!

fashion,malaysia streetstyle,hijabi

HUHU...i don't think i need to describe the details of my outfit here as all of it are UNBRANDED! alaahh...atleast the wedges got a 'cap' lah which is VINCCI. ("^.^) Oh, THANKS to MAMA for giving me the yellow slouch bag all the way from Chiang Mai...LOVE it so much!

fashion,malaysia streetstyle,hijabi

ok, as you can see the theme is casual and comfy for the weekend day out. Actually i just found my mom's old high-waisted jeans and Ta-da i have already did some color blocking here by paired it with my brand new YELLOW bag! ^^

girls, it is easy to look stylish if you are wearing a high-waisted pants because you just needed a pair of it, a T-SHIRT and a shoes! you DON'T BELIEVE me? here is another look on wearing a HIGH-WAISTED JEANS by one of the Hollywood fashion icon FERGIE.

fergie,high waisted,fashion

nice huh?! i love the hue very much. FYI: this season is promoting back the COLOR BLOCKING phenomena. thus, what you have to do is steal Fergie's purple pants here and pair it with any yellow shirt...gonna be stunning!

lastly...................thanks for reading my blog, XOXO ^^

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  1. u sgt berani.i tak berani nak tuck in =_=

  2. beg kuning...cantik !!! =.= tehee

  3. Nice. The blue stripes top matches the shoes very well. And love the bag, such a burst of sunshine!
    One suggestion: since this look is more to 'color compliment' rather than color blocking, if you wanna do color block, the top and the trousers should be in contrast mode. u can see one of my blogpost for that. =)
    (alamak, nk kasi nasihat fesyen la plak! hehe)

  4. hehe yup sherah dlu mmg xd confident lnsg lg2 PEROT INI SGT CHOMEL kn, "^^ then one day i just forget all d -ve minds n do it! so.....just b confident w urself n try it gurl!

  5. cik YANA wan ceng!! alahhh u ni kn bag i je cantik, i mcm mane??!! hahahha XD practical best x?

  6. cik hani, u pon same beg je cantik i mcm mane? hahahahha tq gurls..yup i precious that bag so much! <3

  7. mr. zamri-->yup i've read ur post n it is ABSOLUTELY A GREATEST POST 4 a color blocking tips..hehehhe actually i knew that 2 apply it u hv 2 wear differ colors 4 pants n shirt..hehehehe BUT I DONT HV ANY SHIRT that suite for it so...i thought it enough here..heheheh SALAH PLAK erk bag xckup! hahaha XD

    neway, sy sgt xkssah u nk bg any advices for my fashion post coz u r way way BETTER than me lor~ really i appreacite it so much ^^

  8. pergh,cun giler seluar fergie 2.mahu!!!hee
    kasot kmu cun! ^_^

  9. hehe..aleen amek lah i bg FREE!! "^^


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