BRIT 2012: CONGRATS Bruno Mars!

By Saturday, February 25, 2012

first thing first, please take your gaze away from the hot red Jassie J! hahahaha XD

Ohh, my baby! A tremendous CONGRATULATION to my baby here for winning the 2012 BRIT AWARDS'S BEST INTERNATIONAL BEST ARTIST!!  yeeahhhhhh...BRUNO MARS is always bok and now, please give a big applause to him. ^^

as last year he had successful won the International Breakthrough Act Award and hopefully next year, he will win more and more awards. people, he worked so hard to get at this level and i'm so sure that he and the boastful Hooligan Band will be last for a looooong time a.k.a forever!

btw, during the award he was joking that the gong(the trophy) is almost taller than him! lor my poor baby, you are just amazing the way you are! hehe..the amazing cutie Bruno. ^^

I LOVE my BRUNO MARS forever...!!

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