meeting the famous CIK EPAL ^^

yup, that is her, one of the famous female blogger in Malaysia Cik Epal tuh~ (^____^) actually this is our 2nd meeting and it was totally incoincidence meeting at the e@curve!

heeeemm...what can i say is she is friendly enough for you to greet her if ever you meet her and a one with a long-term memory toooo. (nak cakap ingatan jangka panjang sebenanyeerrrr..hahhahaa) because what?? you guys have to be envy as SHE REMEMBERED ME LOL! hahahhaha..thanks for that dik nun, sayang awak! (terus sayang tak tahan!) XD

no seriously, i was like "eh, tau ke sape saya? alemak, my infamous blog here is having only 300+ followers compare to her 18k+.....aiyoooooooooo it is too way differ! " so, it was sooooo so overwhelmed ("^.^) 

anyhow, to Cik Epal it is FUN to know you ^^ and hopefully we'll meet again in the future plus DON'T FORGET TO SUPPORT ME for the next stage of the K-pop Hitz Talent tuh...huhuuhu coz im planning to join the last stage!!! omo~

dik nun, i mek pic ni tampal sini k.....klu xbole gtau tau...xde hal!  ("^.^)

yeaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, i'm so glad to say that i've feature in CIK EPAL blog!! CLICK HERE omo, thanks a lot gurl for 'promoting' my face there and linking me as well! =)

P/S : guys, there is another surprised meeting of ME with one of Malaysia's HOT HUNK!! huhu..seriously he is too hot to handle. so, if you wanna know who is this man......CONTINUE READING MY NEXT POST OK?! (^_______________^) adios~

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  1. Hii...
    da lame jd silent reader...
    skang baru nk kua dr hiding nye..
    suke bace blog u...
    best2 esp your love towards bruno marss :)keep up the good work yea?

    anyway bestnyee dpt jmpe cik Epall..hehe..tringin nk jmpe famous2 blogger kt malaysia ni including youu :)

    anyway come checkout my blog yea?
    I'm linking your blog..bleh kann?

    Bella :)

  2. ohhhhh BELLA awk da wat sy terharu n MALU!! =D hahaha..thanks a lot dear 4 loving my blog!!! seriously sy sgt appreciate sume y dtg blog sy especially y bace post2 sy krn im blogger as i love all the post is highly-valuable to me~

    lahh meh lar kt jmpe..klu sy ade kate sy nk g memane event tuh..awk join la bole kt meet up..hehe ok ok THANKS A LOT tau n im sure will check urs! ^^

  3. waaa syok la dia :)

    hari tu tnampak cik epal kt mekdi tmn melati. nk tegur, segan pulak :p

  4. tq hana..yup im happy meeting her ^^

    farihah-->LOL lein kali tego je minah nih...die OK je..die ni mmg suke tangkap2 gamba nih takkan tolaknyerr..hahah x gitu cik epal! =D no worry shes so friendly!

  5. sebab cik epal,saya follow awak kat sini!

  6. maera-->hehehhe..jgn lah jeles camtuh..sng je nk jmp cik epal y femes ni g je d e@curve die cam suke lepak sne je..haha sy kbtulan ksana plak last saturday kn~ =)

  7. wahhhhhh ezza ni pngikut tegar cik epal ni!!! =) thanks a lot dear n hehe..i guess i should thank cik epal la camnie erk...tqvm! =D

  8. wah, seronok ko ek...dapat jumpa cik epal...aku?? berangan jer lah nak jadi macam ko dengan dia...i`ll try my best to like you all....
    keep a good work friends

  9. LOL nape plak ur name stated ur life must b perfect dear~ =)) jgnlah gitu u cn b like cik epal one day maybe..who knows..adoihh sy ni blom tahap glamer die lg pon..jauh! but its OK i blogged coz i love it~ hehe


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