the look of the Urbanscapes 2011

we are the earliest bird who came as early as the door still close for the visitor! =P

warning : this is a post containing bunch of hardworking-edited photo by me. so, here are the look of the event that i've been rambling for the whole past week. i know you are as curious as i am about what actually Urbanscapes is all about.

first of all, i must say i have FUN meeting lots of people and admiring lots of Malaysian streetstyle there.

yup, she is Yuen who is the former host of 3R, remember? haha..she is much more thinner than me LOL~ haiyoooo.....demoks!

then, who doesn't know these 2 vintage rockstars, Tirah and Nab. guys must be bored looking at me wondering in front of your booth from a.m til p.m kn~ =D neway, they are actually 5 bestfriends who opened up a blogshop at thr5t

while on the 4th pix, she is the cute-petite-as-same-as-me named as SUE, yup again we shared the same initial name as well! once i met her, i know she is SUE from the susuegoodday. it was so much of fun meeting you, Sue and hopefully we can plan a real girls outing together LOL~ =)

now, lets the pix do the talking of me and my babe having fun under the HOT SUNNY DAY in the middle of the Padang Astaka, PJ! =P

so, here is my bestie, Miss Syafiqah who accompanied me there and who always stand by my camera addiction although she is NOT INTERESTED in any of my interest at all! yep, she was even being dragged to the event by me. hahahahha...sorry babe coz it ended up you have to buy a new selipar for yourself..haha lupe nak cakap event kat padang lumpur ar plak!! HAHAHA =D

ok, now lets get into the real world! check my 100% unsatisfying-SPICY opinion about this event by CLICK HERE

then, ADIOS!

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  1. OMG! SUkanya you jumpa Yuen! She's one of my fav 3R celeb...hahaha

  2. ezza-->thanks heheh with the help of the sun glasses r tuh~ =D

  3. azham-->best2 die friendly jer..cume xbyk borak pon panas lah tgh2 pdg nun.... =(

  4. really having fun kat sana tu ye..gud for you...

  5. ogosh-->kak..not really lah..dh r duit xde brg murah masok kna bayar plak..hahah tension jer! =D


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