i knw i'm late, Congrates Bro. Hassan!

hehe...although it was like a last week talk-of-the-town but i still wanna say out clearly that Congratulations Bro. Hassan and you should know that i'm your supporter from the beginning of the program till you were gifted the tittle of Imam Muda Season 2!

hey, guys i know i do lots of craps and very-less talking about religious here. (sorry for that~) but i do watch this Islamic informative program since i missed the previous season. honestly, i still skipped some of the episodes including the FINAL EPISODE on the last Friday. OMG, i was totally not in the mood of watching TV and i really don't have the idea that it gonna be the last one..LOL~

never mind, as long as Hassan is the winner, i'm all satisfy with the result because i know that this great personality man will be the champion as he was awarded the Best Student twice before the Final stage! hehehe..well i'm sorry for this discrimination statement but honestly, one of the reason that makes me soooooo  attracted to him is HE IS THE EX-IIUM STUDENT whereas the same local uni as mine. yeahhh..IIUM student is the best ever~ (huhu..die bagos lah ko ape citer? ahiyooo...~)

besides Bro. Hassan (if you are wondering....in our campus we called the male student as Brother~ =)) who he is always smiling and calm in whatever condition, there is another man that stole my heart who named as Ustaz Nazrul. haiyooo....cutenyerrrr tapi laki orang plak so, thats why my 1st choice is Bro. Hassan! HAHHAHAHA...SALAH NIAT DAH NI DIK NUN~ ("^.^)

anyhow, i LOVE the show as it reminded me of the Islamic knowledge that i've learned but might be forgotten for a while as well as gaining lots of new 'ilm that show me about the beauty of Islam. huhu...walaupon insaf time tuh jer but atleast as a human we always need a tazkirah to remind us~

a piece from the news about this role-model with the smile! =)

“He smiles a lot, that is the thing about this man,” said Imam Muda’s Mudir during a press conference, here last night.
Commenting on his victory, Imam Muda Hassan said, he would like to share his victory with his mother and late father, also describing his success is blessing from Allah.
he also said, smile is one the methods used when Rasulullah PBUH when he delivers his preach, so Hassan took that as an example and started to practice the same thing.
“And that is why I love to smile,” said Hassan during a press conference right after he was announced as the champion for Imam Muda, here last night.

 end with the guilty feeling inside of me for always being sooo FUN with my own life!

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  1. ada termasuk dalam ciri lelaki idaman SZ ke...hehe

  2. haha mmg ADA kak..tp xlayak lah~ huhu...byk kna dubah dlu (>.<)

  3. hehe.tersenyum saya baca entri ni.

  4. hana klu awk trsenyum sbb tringatkn si hassan ni xplah kan..but jgn r senyumkn sy beranagn nk imam muda ni r.hahhaha =D

  5. wahhhh blog tube kemain besau muke sy kat ctuh..huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu im speechless!!! THANKS a lot for it or do i need to do anything for u?!! =)

  6. Hassan memang terbaik.. Tp tak kurang hebat nazrul.. Harap dua2 akan berjaya di masa akan datang..

  7. tulah..ust nazrul tu pon tenang je ble tgk die kn..hehe actually ble tang brckp tu sy mmg lg suke dgr ust nazrul mesti kuar hadis ke firman ke..sgt berilmu orgnyer...tp dr segi 'ilm sy rse sume imam muda pon hebat2..kn =)


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