LOOK #28- my look for Urbanscapes 2011

By Monday, July 18, 2011 ,

my fav sunnies from Cotton On
purple gradient pashmina from my beloved IIUM scarf shop
purple top from F.O.C
grey long cardigan from Mid Valley
my long-lost long denim skirts from VOIR
sequinned flat from Nose

hi dear fashionista, atlast here i revealed my look of the event. as usual nothing is so-branded here because i can't afford Topshop, Zara and so on Y.E.T! hehe...for sure i'm dying to have it girls, wait for it~ ("^____^) now, lets talking about this quite-feminine look.

why P.U.R.P.L.E? hahhaa..i don't know, it just that i wanna wear my new item, the purple top which i bought at the clearance sale of F.O.C for only RM8.50! then, the grey cardii is the repeated one, remember the one that wore for the K.L streetwalking photoshoot. lastly, that long jeans skirt is my long-lost piece that i bought 5 years ago! Oppss...correction it is my dad who paid it~ HAHHA...dulu-dulu takde income meh~

talking about that jeans skirt. honestly, i've been looking for it since the skirt is back on track whereas everybody is wearing skirt and i still don't have any look of it in my fashion post! i've been eyeing for it so long till the night before the event, i found it in MY MOM'S CLOSET. you had stole my ONLY SKIRT LOL~ =P

haha..ok then, wait for more and more of the URBANSCAPES 2011 post! yup, i promise you there gonna be 3 long-long post of the MALAYSIAN HIJABI STREETSTYLE that i've successfully captured by myself! hehehhehehe....wait for it k~

then, thanks for dropping on here peeps  ^^

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  1. jeles la dapat g urbanscapes tu....nanti pos gamba banyak sket eh..hehe

  2. best x best sgt lah kak..ehhehe ok t sy post special entry sal urbanscapes nih k..jap ek on the way =) hehe

  3. tq najlaa..hehe dh lama gler berghabok dlm lemari..baru jmpe last week =P

  4. i <3 purple, and i <3 ur hijab. May I get one?? lol~~

  5. icha-->hehe..must b ur fav color yarr..if i see the same scarf again, i'll think bout buying 4 u k =))

  6. yep, awww.. so sweet of you, suzai... :D
    looking forward to it, then.. hehe


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