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hi dear stylista! today i'm back with the anticipating mode of playing stylist with my small wardrobe here. what and where does i planned to do on this coming weekend?! haiyoooo....did i already mentioned that there gonna be a huge Arts&Fashion festival on this Saturday and i'm sure will participate with my long-separated babe, cik syafiqah! =) CLICK HERE to read about the event~ be confess, i have this one 'bad' habit which is i will spend the night before i go hanging out with experimenting on all the cloths just to find the best look for tomorrow! usually it will take me about 1 hour or till the time i satisfy with the final look. and the worst is during that time, the room will go messy hurricane-hit and my sister will jiggle her head and looking at me like I AM A BIG WEIRDO! =D
(haha..i think she is 50% correct~)

so, this is again happened on last night since i'm soooooo excited finding on the best simple yet stylish look for my Saturday. Oh, actually i always LOVE to be inspired by other fashionista look on my FAV fashion sneak peek, the TONGUE IN CHIC! are just like 0.1% of it, adore their look here as they are effortless and yep, so stylo LOL~ ^^

credited all the PHOTO here to the TONGUE IN CHIC! i can only paste 3 adorable look here. so, for many-many more, do please CLICK HERE to go for their gallery of where & wear..ok?!



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and here are some of the repeated photo from my own gallery. now, i'm confusing myself, should i wear a pants or a skirt?! HAHHAHA...its so funny right to make this 'what-to-wear' become so serious and even today my sister still calling me "weirdo..pakai je lah apa-apa pun janji berbaju!" OH my dear, cannot like that lah becoz as a girl, you have to always trying to look GOOD! so, along whatever lah~ HAHA =D

end with THANKS for reading my babling here and i SHOULD START CONTINUE DOING  MY REPORT! Daaaaaaaaaaaaa....~

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  1. should check her out too...!!

  2. hehe..thanks kak, yup i check it right now~

  3. I love what that girl in the second photo is wearing, I so want a pink blazer now :)

    Great post :)


  4. hehe..kan kan sgt cool =) thanks 4 dropping by here~

  5. i pun ada problem yang sama macam u..
    had to plan what to wear..
    macam sekarang ni pun dah pikir.. oh.. esok nak pakai baju ape pulak yer..


  6. jameela-->HAHAHHAHA...this is like an addiction kn..huuhu a bad one larr..hemm tp xsalah jugak atleast sok xde lah terkedek2 br nk cr bju kn kn kn =D


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