LOOK #26 - inspired by the CLEO!

black pashmina from Times Square
my old baby blue top from Mid Valley
repeated the same blue jeans
my beloved cutie-pitty sport shoes (brand POWER jerk~)
repeated the everyone's FAV yellow bag

its been a while that i didn't post any fashion-related post HUH?!. yup, you know the same reason, NOBODY is willing to be my camera man. haha...poor me! so, this was actually taken on the last month (HAHA..because today is 1st July right?!) at Shah Alam when i accompanied my sis's to her bridal shop. hemmm....she is getting marry on this coming November...insyAllah... =)

now, talking about this sooooooo SIMPLE, casual and a bit sporty look by me. sorry girls, all those stuff are repeated, nothing is brand-new except the magazine in the hand. HAHA..ok i know as a so-called fashion blogger, i should show up a new item with a new sense of style. ("~.~)

hemm...you guys need to wait for it as yup, i got a new item but there is no suitable event for me to wear it! because i didn't go anywhere meh...just busying with my internship and stay at home on the weekend. again, POOR ME! =P

anyhow, i just wanna say that this whole look is really me. its comfy to the max and easy. as you can see in lots of my fashion post, i RARELY WEAR SKIRTS but i don't have problem with it as long as it goes with the mood, nah i can be as graceful as the swan~ (amboiii...OVER  nyerr...haha)

lastly, THANKS for reading! ^^

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  1. hahaha..tol2 maera mmg itulah OBJECTIVE nyerr..simple yet stylish! =)

  2. wahhh i like.. simple but got styleeeee

  3. luv ur sling yellow bag..!! nak carik jugak..:)

  4. fazilzura-->glad u like it =)

    aty-->hehehe...tq! mmg fav bag tuh lg2 kaler kuning tu mmg fav color sy =)

  5. tq k.ogosh..yup thats the style that i love the most-->simple!

  6. the color combo is great. but it's quite a fashion crime for body 'yg comel' to wear horizontal stripes. it's better to wear vertical instead, coz it'll do you more justice. =)

  7. boleh tahan gak fesyen mcmni. simple dan sempoi. matching2.

  8. nudra-->kn mummy kn..kasut tuh sgt cute! tgk 1st time trus nk beli w/pon sport shoes jerkk..haha

  9. haha..tq org lidi 4 liking this so SEMPOI jer look! =)

  10. mr.zamri-->hahahha..it sounds soo cute..chomel!! =)) HAHAHA..its ok lol~ i know that stripes will make me look bigger but the top is my love at 1st sight so i just wanna hv it like i dont care bout the fact! haha..so here it is~ neway, thanks 4 d reminder..i do appreciate it a lot dear~ ehh...bole ke dear..hahhaha


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