Hijabi Turban Tutorial by Yuna Zarai

As for the tittle above, this is a tutorial vid on how to wear the sensation turban style right now. nowadays, it is extremely HOT in the fashion world because this head twister isn't just being followed by the free hair people but also lots of the Hijabi beauties all over the world. huhu..its like a virus kan~ =P

here in Malaysia, the stylist musician Yunalis Zarai had been the trendsetter (she always be~) whereas at the beginning she was being ambushed by lots of people. hemm...OK i admit that she did something wrong there where she forgot to cover her neck~ but then, she already made a comeback with the new modest look and it is totally bombastic! Yuna is soooooo000ooooo STYLO. i think she deserve an AWARD for that LOL~ =)

anyhow, why i'm posting about this. hehehe..for sure i wanna give this a try but i don't think my BOLAT face here is suitable for this style plus I DON'T HAVE THE MAYSAA INNER yet!!!!! (T___T) so, i just wanna share this tutorial vid for those who always curious on how did she wear that turban yang terjelepok cantik je atas kepala die kan..hahaha but still i LOVE it coz Yuna, you are rox girl~

OH, so that is the use of IAMJETFUEL circle pashmina!!! you know what when i first see that scarf, i keep thinking about how to wear that?!  it is sooooo weird. (?____?) haha, now i got the answer and i should have one~ hehhehe.....mahal lah akak xde duit dek!!!  haha =D

then, bye bye with i LOVE Yunalis Zarai ^^

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  1. my face is bulat too T___________T

  2. it's so simple.. yuna ur are cute.. thanks for the tutorial.. (^_^)

  3. hana-->hahahha..ala kecik je tgk..ce pkai bak kate k.ogosh! =D

  4. k.ogosh,.harr tu y dok tgk vid ni nk ce try lanih..hahhaha klu cantek bru tampal kat blog nih..klu cam huduh je hahahha xmo la letak cni..kang akk pon xlalu dh nk nengok blog sy ni =D

  5. normala=>rite shes cute...im just helping to promote this vid..ur welcome sis ^^


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