i cried for my own dumbness~

this 'ugly' gif image here is exactly the look when i cry and then i'll try to recover it back! HUH..I don't know how to begin but the main reason of this post is i just wanna say today is my BAD BAD day which i feel so down and  I FEEL SOOOOOOOOOOooooo USELESS! (although i've felt this for this whole 3 months~)

can i say that i'm stupid?! no i'd not say it as i was not just stupid but i was also DUMB! (T___T) i always trying so hard to be the best but it always ended up on the opposite way. i just can considered myself as the UNLUCKY one...and this is all stupid!

i don't know why but all the things that i'm working on is not going according to the plan. yup, no worry i'm still a Muslim who believe in Qada' and Qadar. but i just don't get it! =P

ok, let me story it bit here. as you know i'm doing my internship right now which will be end on this coming Friday~ and you have to know that i've been posted to the field that is totally different from my studies. so that, at the beginning of this industrial training, i've seek a consultation with the PIC of this program as well as the lecturers and lots of other people who are responsible for this program about " should i continue with this place or go and find another related-field company?" as for you concern, i'm myself was really stress at that time and i wanna go to the related one because i LOVE the things that i studied!

then, for the GOD sake, everyone is saying that "its ok, you just continue with it, its not a problem at all" THAT IS ALL SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! (sorry, im totally mad about this as they were all too lazy to settle it with me, so they just blankly agree~ so i'd not distracted them with my problem here...BONGOK!)

hey ppl, now i wanna say that if that was really you guys's instinct, its totally rubbish coz i'm a grown up matured lady and i know how to work it by myself and i'll not bother you with my own prob lah! AArghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...lets FORGET about this sheeeeeeeeeeeeeettt as i already feel better now and i already stop crying, so DON'T MAKE ME CRY AGAIN! ("<.>) huh..mata dah saket dah~

THE MORAL OF THE STORY is...SUZAI, when you feel something is wrong, then just FOLLOW WHAT YOUR HEART is saying although ppl are objecting it! ( from now on, i have to keep this to myself and apply it whenever it is hard for me to decide a decision)

so, then i should go coz i HATE this place and i HATE myself!

OH, thanks dude! =P

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  1. akk thanks 4 keep coming here..u had giving me lots of courage to continue updating my infamous blog here (n__n)

  2. Don't worry Suzai, things will work out and later in life you will look back and treasure what had happened. during my internship i went to a place where it is utterly unrelevent also. but i just go with the flow, though not really enjoying it... and it turn out i learn valuable lessons which is so invaluable. moral of the story: yes, follow ur heart, but at the same time also go with the flow... chillax, dear! =)

  3. hang in there darling. life will always give you shit. even when you work it will still be the same.

    They say everything happens for a reason. The hardest part is finding that reason.

    So it's not about how many times you fall, it's about how you get back up.


  4. mr. zamri--> (T___T) this is a touching emoticon! yup i've try to go w d flow but y it still ended up like this huhu..it just that im so unlucky to get that lecturer came for my presentation....if its not him then i think this prob will not occur.. =P
    THANKS 4 d courage back-for-u dear!

  5. syah->huhuhuaaa..nak nanges bc..korg sume thanks a lot 4 d concern! yup, syah i guess i know the reason y am i here..but i just can't wait to know the reason y is THAT LECTURER (who condemned me yesterday~) was the one who came to hear my presentation..y its not other lect..y it has 2 b him?! (bcoz everybody know hw 'cruel' he is) =P

    neway, thanks a lot dear 4 giving me d strength! (@__@)

  6. aku rase cam thu je sape yg dtg tym k0 present..anyh0w, sabar ek...i2 je leh ckp c0z ak p0n xde kt tmpt k0.. klu ak ade tmpt k0 p0n, still nanges lg tr0k k0wt...sabar taw jai...luv ya..

  7. yup cek yana for sure u know him..huhu..not its ok it is my fate kn~ =( thanks yana cayang!!


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