Dining in IKEA

In the end here is my very own food-review at the famous IKEA food court at the e@curve, Damansara. i know i'm too late to post about this makan-makan hotspot as LOTS OF BLOGGERS were already went there for several times and honestly, this is my first time dining in there LOL~ ("~.~)

HAHA..POOR ME~ XD  so, i was really excited to try on the most-famous-winning-award, the IKEA meat ball that lots of people talking about! yup, that is the aimed and the objectives of the dine-in in which actually we were already full with the KFC dinner plate beforehand~

so, here are some of the delicious dishes on our food-trolley!

 Daim cake - RM5.20
 Fish and Chips - RM10.90 (special promotion of the day)
Meat Balls - RM5.00 (RM1 for each)

why am i listing on the prices?! haha..i was expected that this cozy place is expensive since i knew this food court looong time ago. well actually it is NOT AT ALL and it is really affordable and valuable. Oh, i should include that the drinks is refillable..HOHO..life is so good in here! the food is NICE, the prices are fair and the place is pleasurable!

ok, lets talking about the taste! hemmm...although there are all just a simple one but as a food concern, i am really determine for the things that i paid! lets start with the cake that taste like a caramel choc and yeahh..its worth of trying it. then, the FISH N CHIPS that comes with the mayo is really enough for a two persons to be so-full and lastly i think the meat balls are famous because of its sauce since for me its just a regular meat balls if there is no sauce. (okeyhh..i've already forgot the taste of the sauce lah~ hahaha)

finally, i'm so satisfied with all the foods here but of course there is lot more menu that i haven't try yet. so, if you are planning to treat someone but don't have the suitable person....LOL JUST GIMME A CALL and i'll be there anytime and anywhere! HAHA....lastly, thanks ALONG for paying all the bills! =D

end with the nawaitu that i wanna fast tomorrow morning..hehe

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  1. i love daim cake! it tastes soo good! im not a fan of meatballs though. too plain for my liking.

  2. yup, the cakes is my fav but still cam muak gak lah klu mkn byk2..hahha n the meat balls?? hemmm...dunno why it is so dem famous!?! *still dun get it* X)

  3. wah @_@ *sambil tunjuk tanda bagus sbb suzu sgt rajin update blog lately!

  4. owh...dah bukak balik eh....x pasal2 dah ada cravings ni...cis..

  5. farihah-->hahahhah..1st skali nmpak nampe SUZU??? ahhahahha...a new nick 4 me ke? =D aah sgt rjin dan brsemangat coz dpt wifi free kat opis ni r..haha kantoi jek!

  6. k.ogosh..hahhaha die pnah tutup jap ke?? hahahha.. =D xp t klu akk nk g ajak la sy le kt jmpe!! hehe ^^

  7. hah...yeke murah je.dulu penah pegi skali tp xbrani nk mkn coz igt harga dia mestilah mahal kn? rupanya quite affordable jugak~

  8. kn kn kn..bunyi je cam mahal tp y ni y murah punye lah..mmg ade y mahal dlu tgk hanis zalikha y kaya raya tu mkn ape ntah..xsure la ktorg order y ni coz glamer sgt n dh kenyang pon time nih =)) g lah try encik billy!


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