we're HAPPY together!

Oh...ok, we're looking the same here!  ("~___~)

* honestly, you will only put the NICEST pix of yourself in here! >.< *

zany is my BEST site! =)

I know that i don't have to introduce her anymore as she is the one and ONLY sibling that i have in my life! i LOVE her more than myself?! hahahhaha...only GOD knows whats in my heart, my mind and my soul, so leave it~ =D

i realized that we've became much-much closer since the day she pronounced engaged with her fiancee. its maybe due to the short remaining time that we have to the day she will be officially marry with her spouse. hemmm.....i don't know as for now i don't have any sad feeling yet. hopefully, we can always be as close as this..amin..Oh ok, of course there were some cat-fighting between us but still 'air dicincang tak akan putus' right? ^^

so, the point of this post is i wanna say that, we are always HAPPY when we both go hanging out together eventhough just spending time in the car that stuck in the traffic jam of K.L! besides, gosipping in the havoc circumstance at the mapley and bad-talking about our parents! Oppsss....do please don't tell them harr~ =D

lastly, here are some 'sesat' story...hehe

i pon nak tumpang galmour jugerrr~ yup, this teddy is my uncle who is my father's big brother. if he looks familiar to you then, i don't have to further explain what is my relationship with Allahyarhamah Sosilawati and kak Rita and so on~ (>.<)

we always pray for her best in 'there'...amin...

end with Al-Fatihah for her and the other victims...

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