What-When-Wear?: Urbanscapes 2011 (part 1)

hi girls, here is the post that i promised you before. the What-When-Wear? at the recent Urbanscapes 2011! yep, this is the very first batch which i categorized it under a BASIC wear. it means the whole look and the color choices are all in basic palette. however, these all Hijabi beauties are still stylish in their own way.

So, don't expect too much, just take a look then... ^^

oh, i always LOVE simplicity with only tee and jeans. nevertheless, this is the kind of outfit that will serve you to the max comfy but remember girl, STYLO is a must! put up some effort to it in order to make yourself stand out in the crowd like in the very first pix. i LOVE the way she halfway tucked in the shirt plus the colorful pashmina changes her look from simple to stylish. hehe..

anyhow, all the girls here are so-called fashionista. THANKS A LOT darlings  for giving me the chance to capture your look and post it here. kamsahamnida~ (^_____^) oh, if you are reading this, don't hesitate to drop some "Hi" in the comment space ok!

next part will be the PLAY WITH COLOR category, wait for it yarrr~

will be continued...

*** all photo are copyright of SizzlingSuzai***

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  1. owh..sangat rindu nak bergaya ngan jeans....x muat..buhuuuu

  2. alahhh k.ogosh..u xde lar gemok mane..haha hot mama lg tau! =))


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