What-When-Wear?: Urbanscapes 2011 (part 2)

F.Y.I : this is a sequence from the 1ST PART of the What-When-Wear? entry that is featuring some of the Hijabi fashionista whom i met at the recent Urbanscapes 2011. As in the last part, i've listed out the BASIC look whereas you are not supposed to expect more than jeans and tee.

however, this time it is about PLAYING WITH COLORS. be it color blocking or color compliments, all these beauties here had successfully captured my eyes although they were stuck in the crazy crowd that day! so, here we go and get ready to be stun by the hypnotizing hue!

seriously, i'm not qualify enough when talking about colors since lots of my looks are all in the same palette. means that, i haven't do any successful color blocking yet. haha..to be honest, i always ended up wearing light blue with a dark one. then, the next day will be a red pants combine with orange top. soooooooooooo NOT INSPIRING at all!

ok, actually i've been excited to share this post since i read it on this sooo-fashionable-blog by Mr. Zamri called as Zamri's Big Fat Blog but i just couldn't find the right time. so, i guess this is it! haha..i've been digging his million post and here it is, check this useful tips on how to do a GREAT COLOR BLOCKING by CLICK HERE ^^

honestly, guys there are more-more crazy color combo there but for sure i've been busy with myself too. so, i just can see they walked away from me instead of stopping them and asking for a pose! thus, THANKS A LOT for all the pretty girls here for giving me the opportunity to capture your look and make it as a post here in my blog. as usual, if you are reading this, do please spend some time to say "Hi" yarr..  =)

Oh, this is not the end guys! there gonna be a last part. wait for it and then, Daaa...........

to be continued...

*** all photo are copyright of SizzlingSuzai***

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  1. oke. i minat yang last sekali tu :)

    inspiring me :)

  2. Oooooooo.... LOVE ALL THE PICTURE!!!


    p/s : sad, can't join it.. jealous sgt ok... T_T

  3. ezza-->yup, she always caught my eyes everytime i saw her! this is like d 3rd times!!

  4. zulaiha-->thanks dear~ haiyoo...xbest sgt pon bazaar die jer y best...huhu

  5. hi. im ed btw.the last picture in polka dot shirt tu. nice to meet you anyway. thank you. keep in touch :)

  6. hey ed..lorr i thought u didnt come here to see urself been feutured here for 3 times ok! hahaha..i remembered capture ur look at 1st time at the Maysaa event..check it k ^^ thanks dear..love ur style!

  7. haiyoo..ed u slah column comment lor..hahah i though u were the one w the mustard pants..oh ok2 i know awk y pgg belon kn kat 2nd part lor~ hehehe..thanks 4 dropping by here k..nice meeting u as well~ =)

  8. thanks babe . nice meeting u the other day . too bad , i tetidur mase u capture gambar i . ahhaha .

  9. those are so inspiring, suzai.. :D

    oh yeah, check out my color-blocking post on my blog here:


    (if u dont mind, hehe)

    salaam ^^

  10. shazlida-->alaahhh sayang..aah u tertdo i lupe nk kejotkn b4 snap! =D haha..its ok nmpak natural je tuh~ nice meering u dear~

  11. icha-->thanks a lot yarr..ok no prob will check it soon k.. =) thanks 4 sharing as well~

  12. semua lawaa. i sorang yang nampak uglayhh :((

  13. owh my. at last i jumpe your blog. heee, thx for taking my pic of what i wear.. i nak save ur pic and letak kat fb boleh? yg second last tu :)

  14. farah-->haiyoo..xde la syg..i suke style u..especially the color so dats y i captured it babe! =))

  15. fyruz-->sorry lmbt reply..syg take it bole je n just link back it to my blog yarr..heheh bole promote sket..thanks a lot for dropping by here =))


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