my 'spicy' wrap-up for the Urbanscapes 2011

ok, now lets get into the real world! if you realize that i'm not sooooooo EXCITED talking about this as compared to many event that i went previously. Waalllawehhhh....seriously I AM NOT HAVING THE MAX ENJOYMENT because what..............i have to BUY A TICKET to get into this poyo-jerr event! yup, thats the first main reason~

honestly, although i used the TM subscriber to get the RM25 tix which is the initial price is RM40! Gilerrr kan?! so, i expected something is worth for the amount lah but then, i found out there is NOTHING like RM40 just a big stage there with NO outstanding performer like Hujan ker? Bunkface ker? YUNA ker? it just all the indie bands! im not saying they are not as good as the commercial artist but do we have to pay up to RM40 for it?! *fyi : i LOVE LIVE music a lot!*

ok, i know they will say that it is for the Actorlympics and Junkyard and so-on. Oh, poor me i don't find any interest at their booth there. it just all too slow, i guess. i don't know but there is NOTHING as fun as they rambled! seriously, i do participated in one of the game but in the end it just ended up like this, yeahhhh...i won a BORDERS voucher of RM10 with the purchase of RM100! *tak ikhlas namenyerr* oh, ok i got one Ribena Twister for free!

oh, one thing that excite me to go there is the TIC part. however, i just LOVE the decor there but NOT the sale items there! it was all as expensive as you are shopping in a mall with the air-conditioner! yup, including the 'original flavour' ice-cream which was sell at RM7 for the very small cup..not worthy lah~

overall, the BEST part is just the streetmarket which lined up lots of the blogshops and yep, i can say the price is negotiable and cheap! but the thing is WE CAN GO FOR A FLEA MARKET FOR FREE lah~ we don't need to pay RM40 for that, so why don't you guys separate it for the next Urbanscapes because honestly, i DON'T BOTHER about anything else besides this streemarket, okeyh!

thus, that is my 'honest' opinion about this event. if you have the opposite view from mine, why don't you share it here so that i can look at this event positively and thinking of joining it again next year. as for now, i should say that, this is maybe my first and last participation for this event!

oh, i guess maybe i should STAY there till 12 a.m to really get the feel. Is it my fault go back home at 5 pm HUH?!


*** to view the photo of the Urbanscapes 2011 CLICK HERE or wait for the HIJABI streetstyle post..hehe sorry need to be edit it first! (>.<)

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  1. hahahaaha hye SizzlingSuzai, thanks for love my style :)
    I'm girl who wearing halfway tucked in the shirt plus the colorful pashmina changes heeee, just called me Aoki Tezuka/Nia :]

  2. superman hamzah-->haiyoo..jauh tuh..its ok lah xbest pon maybe klu dlu kat urbanscape venue die gempak la kot....wait 4 d next year turn k..t le ajak i skali =))

  3. ohhh nia-->hehehe..yup2 i adore ur simplicity it thanks 4 dropping by yarrr~ ^^


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