[what's up K.L] Urbanscapes 2011

"The City's All-Day Creative Arts Festival"

i guess you've already heard about this huge arts&music event that for sure will be the talk of the town! (my current fav words ^^ ) huhu...for those who didn't get the idea, this is like a YOUTH FESTIVAL that combined all the teenagers's obsession; Arts, Musics, Fashion, Bazaar, Foods and you-just-name-it guys. Opps, don't be surprise because this is not the first time ever as i was so distressful for not having a chance to participate on the last year event. so, you have to know that this is what i'm waiting from the beginning of 2011!

anyhow, let me list out the details since maybe the poster is tooooo creative for your sight~ haha..

When : 16th July 2011
Where: Padang Astaka, PJ
Time   : 12pm-12am (We're serious! 12 hours of non-stop fun)

don't familiar with the venue, no worry here is the cutest map ever~

for more info about this or to view the FUN that you will experience --> CLICK HERE 
(the official page of Urbanscapes 2011)

well, actually you gotta buy the TICKET for the gigs as simple as CLICK HERE or else you can WIN THE TICKETS FOR FREE by lots of wonderland ways, just CLICK HERE ok~

anyhow, i'm still in the process of getting the tickets for myself. HAHA..if you guys already won lots of lots of tix and feeling so confused about what to do with it? then, JUST RING ME and i'm volunteer myself to used it for you okeyhh~ hehe ("^______^) erk...yup, I'M SERIOUS!

now, let me again CLEARLY shout out that Yeeahhhhhhhhh...i'm going to the URBANSCAPES 2011!! so, lets meet up and lets experience the amusement together~ ^^

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  1. sounds interesting. :D but need to buy ticket ah? T.T

  2. hana for sure it gonna be interesting! haha yup but i think it just for the gigs n so on..i meant for the bazaar its all a free entry.. ^^

  3. Suzai...akak tak dapat lah nak join suzai lagi..huahua..nnti upload gambar extra byak2 tau..hukhuk...missss u cik suzai..!!!~

  4. huhu..akk sygku...i hagak dh u mesti xle jauh kot nk dtg semata2..huhu tu y xtanye u tuh nk wat camne..ok2 i'll take as many photo as i can k =) cam xbese..hehe honestly, miss u tooooooo kak!


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